10 Types of Interesting Colleagues

10 Types of Interesting Colleagues

Colleagues are unavoidable when it comes to work, unless you’re a one-man-show business. But most likely you’re an employed staff and you’re working for a company.

Besides the job itself, what makes your work interesting is your colleagues – they come from all walks of life and they have distinct personalities at the workplace.


Over my years of working experience (damn, I sound old), I’ve come across a couple of interesting colleagues.

Here are 10 of them, some of which you may have encountered before too…


1) Administrative Coordinator

The one who is in-charged of the assets and welfare of the overall workplace. Stationery, office keys, paper waste and pantry are some of the areas this employee manages on a daily basis. It basically requires physical activities to perform the tasks.

administrative coordinator

2) Acting Manager

The one who has absolutely no authoritative rights, but goes around the office giving instructions recommendations and guidance to fellow helpless colleagues.

acting manager

3) News Development Executive

The one who is responsible for compiling breaking news at work and disseminate the updated reports to important stakeholders during key meetings, such as lunch time and coffee break.

news development executive

4) Performance Director

The one who always strive to be the most outstanding employee by working very hard and always staying back the latest. This type of employees are very result-oriented and dedicated, but thinks highly on themselves.

performance director

5) Social Media Specialist

The one who spends the most time on social media, planning to rule the world with Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes, with Instagram too. Always glued to the computer screen or smartphone to stay up-to-date on the latest statuses and updates.

social media specialist

6) MIA Associate

The one who is always associated with being out-of-office for reasons too classified to be disclosed. When you’re looking for him, most likely he has stepped out.

mia associate

7) Fashion Officer

The one who has the most sophisticated sense of style in the entire workplace. To this employee, walking into the office every morning feels like parading on a runway. Zalora Malaysia must be the online shopping site this employee visits for a wide array of stylish work apparels.

fashion officer

8) Coffee Quality Assurance Executive

The one who checks the quality of coffee brewed by a nearby coffee branch – every single day. A day without coffee makes this employee feels like a police with nothing to inspect.

coffee quality assurance executive

9) Senior Officer

The one who has been serving the company for the longest time possible, but still at the operational level. Some may refer this employee as truly loyal, but behind the scenes, he/she has learned to do just enough to fly, unseen, under the performance issues radar.

senior officer

10) Staff Auditor

The one who goes around inspecting the work of individuals at the workplace. He never does your work but would ask for progress of your work all the time.

staff auditor

Well, that’s the boss! He audits the staffs!

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