Poker: More Fun in the Philippines

Poker: More Fun in the Philippines

Jewels from The Pearl of the Orient

When you look at Asia, there are literally hundreds of options for travel. A hotbed for summer vacations on different continents with temperamental weather patterns perfect for travel. Why choose the Philippines? According to the country’s catchy tourism slogan: It’s more fun in the Philippines.

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Travelling has always been man’s way of sating his hunger to explore and experience new things. Despite the obvious language barrier, some customs and traditions are a universal constant and one card game loved and played around the world: Poker. Like everything else in the Philippines, playing poker here is more fun. The Philippines is a melting pot of both Western and European culture and at the same time, honors its Asian roots. During the Spanish era, card games became a favorite pastime during siestas and when the

Americans rolled in, they brought poker with them. Pusoy Dos became a popular variation of poker here and any local, young or old, knows how to play the game. The generous and hospitable nature of the Filipinos gave the game a unique flavor and its played from the busy cities of metro Manila to the remote regions of Mindanao not for money, but for the sheer enjoyment and bonding that it brings among friends and family. But don’t be fooled by the smiling faces around you, the locals are quite the card sharks.

The Philippines is not on top of the list for casino destinations yet but the emergence of several establishments like Resorts World are proof that the country is determined to get as many type of tourists as it can. Because of this, it’s now one of the major stopover for the recently concluded Asian Poker Tour, a division of the WPT and the Partypoker sponsored WSOP. Here are some of the best hotel casinos in the Philippines: Resorts World Manila.

This new classy destination near the airport has 3 hotel options for accommodation. Maxims, Remington and Marriot; all of which are within walking distance to this entertainment mecca where you can play casino games, watch a movie or immerse yourself in theatre. If you prefer travelling to urban areas, this is the ideal location for you. Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

This first class hotel in the northern part of Luzon is a one stop vacation spot. Imagine playing golf, casino, getting a relaxing massage and dining with the light blue ocean backdrop. If you’re lucky, you can witness a traditional Filipino wedding in one of the villas here and you might just find yourself settling down too.

There are more locations in Visayas and Mindanao, but I leave that for you to explore. The archipelago has so many jewels waiting to be explored and there’s only so much vacation time. But then again, the waiting makes it all worthwhile. So the next time you pack your bags, bring a deck of cards and you can tell me if it IS more fun in the Philippines.

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