Being Malaysian: Free Food!

Being Malaysian: Free Food!

In a world where the price of products and services are drastically increasing, nothing is better than receiving free stuff where you don’t need to pay a single cent.

And you know what – Malaysians love free stuff.

free sign

They really do.

Look at what happened when Baskin Robbins did a free ice-cream giveaway to all Malaysians when Datuk Lee Chong Wei won the Silver medal in the Olympic Games 2012…

malaysian queue for food

Wah, freeloaders detected!

Also, give them a goodie bag with nothing in it, they’ll gladly take it without a second thought. Some will say that it’ll be useful someday. Yeah, but the day never came.

I’m a good example…

reusable bags

I don’t even use them. Guilty as charged.

Also, quite recently, in conjunction with Malaysia Day, there was an attempt to break the Guinness World Records title for the… wait for it… Longest Line of Washed Plates!

Therefore, free nasi lemak will be served throughout the day…

free food here

WAH!! FREE FOOD WEH!! Jom, let’s go!

Being a true Malaysian, I couldn’t miss out on grabbing the FREE food. I mean… FREE FOOD WEH!!! Okay, I’m overdoing it already.

But to my dismay, this was served…

nasi lemak mini

Wait a minute… the portion damn small weh! How to eat until full? It’s like nasi lemak… fine dining style! Or nasi lemak mini, whatever you call it…

So apparently we were told that if we wanted more, we had to queue for other rounds. So that’s how they get to wash more plates to break the record.

nasi lemak plates

I initially thought that it’s fine to go for multiple rounds just to get my hungry tummy filled up, but after the 2nd round – I gave up.

Eventually, I left the venue and went to a nearby cafeteria…

indon mee

Indomie: RM4.
Walking to Cafeteria: FREE.
Tummy Satisfaction: DEFINITELY!

Om nom nom!

10 thoughts on “Being Malaysian: Free Food!

  1. Ahahaha. Free food also complain. Anyway, it looks like they didn’t dispense the food fast enough eh? Since you mentioned there’s a long line waiting.

    Well, they are wanting you to help eat as many nasi lemak so that they can use the dirty dishes to try and break the world record.

  2. Haha! the famous Malaysian culture. But seriously, of it is a super fine dining that that nasi lemak is kinda justified because that is what fine dining is about – small portions. but if you have to queue for that small s*it, no thanks. LOL

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