Quarter of Century

Quarter of Century

Back in July this year, I hit THE mark – the “Quarter of a Century” mark.

(Yes, I know I’m so outdated since I’m writing this only in September)

quarter pie chart

Anyway, similar to previous years – my birth date is always an ordinary day to me. The day will usually come and go within 24 hours, and then life goes on.

But of course, there are those who’d always make an effort to make the day more meaningful.

The first surprise was from Google itself. Apparently they customized the Google search page with a doodle…

google birthday

Interesting, and definitely surprised. I thought I was damn famous and everyone in the world was gonna see this on their Google page.

But then it’s actually due to the personal information saved on Google+ profile. So I’m the only one who can see it. Good one, Google.

After that work went on as usual in the office. That day, my boss offered to buy me a Bear Paw burger…

bear paw burger

Had it for lunch.

Then, a colleague of mine gave me a piece of Green Tea cake…

green tea

Finished it during tea break.

So basically, I got a day of FREE food at the office! ;)

After work, I had a mini birthday dinner at dined at Italiannies…

burthday cake

Since it was my birthday, I was given a sweet complimentary birthday treat – simple and tasty.

My partner, the loved one, gave me a cheese-related book and a card…

i moved your cheese

Nothing fancy and expensive – just the way I like it.

Also, she baked a cheese cake. I can haz more cheese!

birthday cheese cake

Tastes good, I must say!

Last but not least, something that I’ve been yearning for so long… a Samsung Galaxy S4!

samsung galaxy s4

Well, those were the days when I gave excuses reasons on why I do not own a smartphone back then. I have now taken the leap!

So now I can be less smart, and rely on the phone to be smarter for the next quarter of my century.

Oh wait, and also…

I can be anti-social… in STYLE too yo! ;)

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  1. Happy belated birthday! It’s a nice way to blog about your birthday….and great to see you owning a smartphone. So probably it’s time to blog about why one need to have a smartphone instead? Haha!

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