5 Notable Moments in 2013

5 Notable Moments in 2013

Wow, time flies!

It feels like a moment ago, I ushered in 2013 and now… 2014 is just around the corner?! Damn fast, right?

happy 2013

Well, 2013 could have really been a mundane year if it wasn’t because of certain interesting moments I experienced –¬†moments which I refer to as notable moments.

So let me share with you 5 notable moments which made my 2013 a year to remember…

1) Traveled to Seoul, Korea! Oppa Gangnam Style, dramatic Koreans, or whatever you refer Korea to – Korea is way more than that.

seoul station

The 6D5N trip to Seoul was definitely an exciting one – walking along the Korean streets and visiting cultural hotspots. Seoul is such a beautiful city, it makes me want to visit it again. :)

2) Got a Samsung Galaxy S4 on my “Quarter of Century” birthday.

samsung galaxy s4

Finally, I can be less smart and rely on a gadget to make me feel smart. But the truth of the matter is that I stare at the phone more often than before – anti-social much.

In fact, I recall stating 10 reasons why I don’t own a smartphone back in 2011.

3) Ran a 10KM at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon.

kl marathon 10km medal

I ran 5km in 2012, and this year I decided to challenge myself to do a double. It was tiring, yet fun!

4) Traveled to England, Scotland and Wales (or you may say United Kingdom)! Woohoo!

london tower bridge

I was really looking forward to this trip, like… how long more do I have to wait?! Being able to travel halfway across the globe is always a fascinating thing to do, and I’m glad to be back since my last visit to London in 2009.

During this trip, I also managed to set foot on Scotland, which is famously known for bagpipes and men in skirts. Heh.

scotland flag

On a serious travel note, the city of Edinburgh offers so much history and beautiful scenery. I was only there for 3 days, but will surely drop again to explore more.

During the same trip itself, I laid my eyes on one of the 7 Wonders of the Medieval Ages – the Stonehenge.

england stonehenge

One word Рoverrated. You pay £8 (RM42.40) just to see a pile of stones in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it does have its prehistoric tales and whatnot Рbut still, they are just stones.

By the way, I haven’t written about the trip – will do so when I have the time. Wait for it! I’ve already written about the trip – Great Britain Tour with Expat Explore! :D

And finally, the last notable moment in 2013…

5) Purchased a property.

new double story property

It has always been an aspiration to own a place of my own ever since I started working. In fact, my parents’ support and assistance have been vital in making this come true. *strikes off checklist*

Currently the renovation and furnishing are still in progress. Will absolutely write about this experience.

So yeah, that wraps up the main 5 notable moments in 2013, and yes, it has been a wonderful year and I’m glad that I’ve experienced so much. If I were to make a wish for 2014, it has to be a more rewarding year.

gift decoration

More goodies, please!

Anyway, I would like take this opportunity to wish all kenwooi.com readers a Happy New Year 2014! Have an amazing year ahead alright! :)

7 thoughts on “5 Notable Moments in 2013

  1. So envy that you managed to return back to United Kingdom again. I always wanna go back to UK since my last visit in 2008 but then, I think it is better for me to save and visit other new countries instead. Luckily I skipped Stonehenge and oh boy, I really miss Wales & Scotland so much. Can’t wait to read your posts for that to see whether any significant changes within these few years.

  2. of course I love traveling but the last one is what I’m most jealous of. I might be older than you but I haven’t got a property of my own. Uhuks!

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