Takeaway Lunch

Takeaway Lunch

Besides the much-preached-about breakfast, lunch is also a very important meal of the day. It gives you the boost throughout the afternoon so that you can stay energized to do whatever you need to do.

Now, lunch is probably the most anticipated time of the day when you’re at work. That’s the only time where you can take a proper break, at least an hour or so, from the desk and hang out with the colleagues at a nearby eatery.

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During lunch, bonding between the colleagues usually take place when casual topics are discussed. In contrast, work is usually not a conducive environment to personally interact with a fellow colleague.

In fact, being able to have group lunch away from the office shows that employees are well taken care off. Well, majority.

Now, what if the office culture is to have takeaway lunches in the office during lunch hour? To rephrase – employees buying outside food to be consumed in the office.

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What does that imply?

Well, 2 scenarios. The first scenario is that your company is in its peak period and employees have tight deadlines to abide to. The second scenario is that the employees developed the culture of not having lunch together and therefore everyone buys their own food back to the office.

Scenario one is somewhat acceptable. If you’re in a professional firm or engaged on a project, deadlines are very common. Not being able to meet a deadline has its consequences so one would forgo the precious lunch break.

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Whilst the first scenario seems fine (if it doesn’t occur too often), scenario two is usually a self-inflicted penalty and commonly related to an unhealthy work culture. Employees rather forgo having lunch together. “A lot of work lah!”, one usually proclaims.

It could eventually result in a work environment that deters them from achieving 2 aspects at work – Communication and Collaboration.


Having lunch out of the office provides a platform for employees to have casual talks with each other. They can practically talk about everything under the sun, or sometimes about work – which doesn’t seem as serious as having it within the confinement of a meeting room.

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Socializing and sharing ideas about work seems natural, and aligning on a job feels easier. Such communication would promote a healthier work culture, which leads to the second aspect – Collaboration.


Having lunch with your colleagues is not just about eating and chilling, it’s about coming together to enjoy a feast. It may be a simple meal, but it gathers everyone to one common purpose – to eat! Think about it, you’re always at your cubicle minding your own tasks and interaction is minimal unless required to. And sometimes, such interaction feels forced.

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Therefore, lunch out of office provides the avenue to cultivate a sense of collaboration, despite not having anything to do with work. It will eventually influence the way we work together – hence, collaboration!

All in all, having lunch with your colleagues has hidden benefits, if you haven’t already realized that.

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So if you’re experiencing a habit of Takeaway Lunch at work, why not take the initiative to invite your colleagues out for lunch? You’ll never know if someone is dying to eat out too.

Just don’t get caught in this problem while having lunch with your colleagues.

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But if no one wants to have lunch with you, there are only 2 reasons. It’s either they’re really anti-social, or there’s something weird about you.


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  1. I prefer tapau and having lunch at my desk. hassle free and no need to suffer the heat, the crowd and the brainstorming session of where to eat? LOL!

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