5 Cheapskate Ways to Stay Cheap

5 Cheapskate Ways to Stay Cheap

2014, a year of hikes in living costs. That’s what majority of the Malaysians have in mind. Can we really ride this out?

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How? It’s so easy… be cheapskate loh!

In order to cultivate the habit of cheapskate… there’s only one thing to remember, that’s to think and act like a cheapskate. Stop spending money as if you’re a celebrity.


Therefore, here are 5 cheapskate ways to stay cheap, and ultimately saves you more and more money until you become a friggin’ millionaire! I kid you not.


1) Eat only mixed rice.

Your money is limited, so don’t bother going to some high-class restaurant and dine as though you’re Ah Jib Gor’s son.

Instead, be a cheapskate and settle for mixed rice, or also known as economy rice. Look, the world “economy” is already self-explanatory.

mixed rice

It may not be all fancy and Instagram-worthy, but at least you get to save loads of money with such meals.

Remember, pay only for what you choose to eat. Enough with the Chicken Chop or Sushi – they’re not value for money.

2) Charge your phone in the office.

We charge our mobile phone almost everyday, sometimes twice a day… and sometimes, like… whenever there’s power source.

I mean, with all the constant usage of apps and accessing the Internet, the battery is draining faster than the number of candies you can crush in a minute.

charge phone

Therefore, be cheapskate and charge your phone anywhere BUT at home. Better still, at the office because you spend almost 9 hours a day there.

It may not be significant, but it will slightly decrease the electrical usage at home.

3) Shit in the office.

Another task we do daily is taking a dump. We need to do that every morning, and very often after lunch too. So feel free to proceed to the office toilet, take off your trousers, and let the bomb drop.

toilet poop

Being cheapskate, it helps you reduce water consumption at home. Plus you don’t have to buy all those fragrance, detergent, and toilet paper for your own toilet – another way to be even more cheapskate!

Oh wait, you can even consider brushing your teeth and taking a shower in the office. After all, your home’s toilet will be cleaner due to lack of usage.

4) Miss call the person you want to call.

Calling someone on the phone is cheap nowadays, but if you’re a heavy caller – it’s better to stop being the caller, and be the receiver instead.

How? A cheapskate will miss call the victim.

weird miss call

Eventually, the one missed call will get the victim to call back – and voila – the call is free for you! You can then have lesser amount on your phone bill.

Smart, isn’t it? ;)

5) Stay home, not at shopping malls.

Staying at home might not sound like fun, some may even call you damn NO LIFE!

sleep at home

But hey, a cheapskate gotta do what a cheapskate gotta do, right?

Have you even realized that staying home can save tons? You don’t have to drive, that saves petrol. You cut down in eating-out, that reduces expenses. You won’t be shopping at all, and that saves you even more money.

crazy sale

Undeniably, there are always discounts and promotions here, there and everywhere. But if you think you’re saving, you’re definitely not. Chances are you’ll be spending unnecessarily.

So stop shopping for clothes you only wear to impress yourself, and stuffs that you buy just because you think you need it; which you normally… don’t.


That’s it – 5 simple ways to be a cheapskate! It will help you tremendously in surviving in a country that expenses goes up rapidly, well except our salaries.

zig ziglar motivation quote

Hmm… paid more for what we do? Sure or not?

Nevertheless, your salary and increased prices by the government – out of your control. Saving money – YOU are in control!

Start being a cheapskate, and you’ll be damn rich. I guarantee you that, because I’m already one step towards that richness!

wallet money

Here’s the proof – I have been saving more since I pledged to be a cheapskate. Look, as a result, I still have RM50 in my wallet! Miracle! :D

Now, RM999,950 to go till I become a friggin’ millionaire! #winning


I’m on Dayre!

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11 thoughts on “5 Cheapskate Ways to Stay Cheap

  1. really damn cheapskate lo… like that no life already wor.. But if i do own a house.. I dont mind being cheapskate.. or otherwise.. if i’m not cheapskate, i wont have money own a house? LOL…

  2. 1. mixed rice not already naik harga leh..min rm5. tu pun sometimes meatless

    2. i use cafe’s interenet and charge batt too

    3….errr…no office wor…so have to got shit in kopitiam ka? :p

    4. now no need miss call coz got whatapps and viber and what not leh

    5. totally agree….go out sure money fly

    i add some more can ah….

    take sachets of sugar and cremer from ahem ahem MXX or KXX…help to “subsidise” sugar at home….

    adoi…me so cheapskate auntie liao

  3. Don’t forget to follow Ah Jib Gor advice… take more kangkung~ Oops Kangkung not longer cheap. So, you have to ask Ah Jib Gor which vege will drop its price? LoL

  4. Be ready for the next few years. We will gonna through another price hike. Btw, i like the idea of being cheapskate to save cost.

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