Visit Seoul: Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

Visit Seoul: Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain

The Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain in Seoul is the world’s longest bridge fountain. During our trip to Seoul, we decided to drop by on one of the nights.

One word to describe the fountain show – spectacular!

banpo bridge rainbow fountain

The fountain on Banpo Bridge is in fact called Moonlight Rainbow Fountain and it was installed in 2009 to further beautify the city and showcase Seoul’s eco-friendliness.

Travel Tip: To reach Banpo Bridge via the Seoul Subway – get off at Dongjak Station (Exit 1 or 2). Go down the staircase and head to the river. Then, turn right and continue walking along the river bank. You will pass Dongjak Bridge before reaching Banpo Bridge. The distance is about 1.5km away and a slow walk should take about 30 minutes.

seoul subway dongjak station

We reached the Dongjak Station rather early, but since the weather in Seoul was cooling it doesn’t matter at all. A stroll along the river bank of Hangang River was a breathtaking experience by itself.

As the day got darker, we arrived at the outdoor recreational area. It has an outdoor stage, observatory and picnic spots.

seoul hangang river

Lots of youngsters were gathered at the picnic area, chatting in groups.

The fountain plays different shows during the day and night. We didn’t manage to watch the day show since we decided to watch the night one instead – which is more colorful.

banpo bridge night

This is Banpo Bridge – without the fountain show.

Every night at 8.00pm, the show runs on an hourly interval (for weekdays) or a 30 minutes interval (for weekends) and each show is about 15 minutes long. It is accompanied by popular music, typically romantic love songs, projected through loud speakers installed around the vicinity.

banpo bridge fountain 1

When the night show starts, lights illuminate the bridge as the fountain pumps jets of water into the air in synchronization with the music.

banpo bridge fountain 2

The jets of water dance up and down with variations of colors throughout the entire 15 minutes.

By the way, it may be chilling cold out there. So it’s encouraged to have the proper attire while you sit out in the freezing cold weather.

banpo bridge fountain 3

They played both English and Korean music. Some oldies, some rather modern. The streams of water are orchestrated to perform with the melody and tone of the music.

We managed to watched 2 shows, and then we left the area since we couldn’t stand the freezing cold night. Brr…!

bapo bridge fountain 4

Nevertheless, Banpo Bridge’s Moonlight Rainbow Fountain is an amazing outdoor night scene. The sound of the water splashing followed by colorful water synchronization gives the audience a wonderful experience.

Don’t miss out when you’re there! :D

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  1. Hi!
    Do you have a map that shows how to go to the bridge? Where should we be located at in order to view the fountain show?

    1. Hi Cathy, you can search for the map via Google Image. Just search for “Banpo Bridge Map”. My preferred view is from the south side of the bridge. :)

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