So Hard To Spell My Name Meh?

So Hard To Spell My Name Meh?

As I was spring cleaning my house back in Ipoh, I came across stuffs that belong to me. To be exact, stuffs that belong to the younger me, particularly when I was still schooling in Ipoh.

Exercise books and notes were common. Here’s an unused exercise book with my name written on it.

school exercise book

This was my handwriting back then… so kiddy.

I also came across several certificates that were awarded to me during primary school. I was quite a “high-achiever” back then, hence the numerous awards. Ahem! ;)

Anyway, what bothers me the most is how my name got messed up. I mean… how can the teachers be so careless and misspell my name? Shouldn’t they check, double-check, before hitting the “Print” button?

misspelled name 1

The most common is misspelling my surname – Wooi. I mean… it’s just Wooi – that simple, right?!

If I was “Woi”, I would have been from another family.

misspelled name 2

Then there was “Wee”. Oh my… Wooi to Wee? How can? Pftt…!

Besides the surname, other parts of my name have been misspelled too…

misspelled name 3

Wen Ken? The hell… that sounds so girly and sissy weh!

Furthermore, some even misspelled the famous and most common name – Ken… to “Keen”.

misspelled name 4

Honestly, I’m not keen on having my name changed. In fact, I totally love the name my parents gave me.

Nevertheless, thankfully not all the syllables of my name were misspelled altogether – or else it could have been stated…


My parents would have asked… Why you steal your friend’s certificate?!


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