Visit Seoul: Hello Kitty Cafe

Visit Seoul: Hello Kitty Cafe

I’m not a Hello Kitty fan, but my partner is. Hence a visit to a cafe named after a famous fictional character – Hello Kitty Cafe located within the Hongdea area during our trip to Seoul.

We didn’t plan on any specific places to eat in Seoul, but Hello Kitty Cafe at Hongdae made it on the travel itinerary. ;)

Quick Review: Hello Kitty Cafe is an interesting cafe to visit. It’s pink inside (obviously), and almost all of the food resembles the famous Hello Kitty logo. The desserts are simple yet photogenic.

hello kitty cafe box

Hongdae is located slightly away from central Seoul, and the journey via the subway takes about 10 minutes or so.

Travel Tip: To reach Hello Kitty Cafe via the Seoul Subway – get off at Hongik University Station (Exit 9). Turn right and walk straight. At the cross junction, turn left and walk up the street. Turn at the second right turning. Then, keep looking left and you’ll eventually see it along a small alley.

After following the directions to the cafe, we finally arrived at this pink building. You won’t miss it.

hello kitty cafe hongdae seoul

While I felt quite neutral about being here, my partner was beaming with excitement and happiness!

There’s no guessing how it looks like inside the cafe – obviously everything is pink. It’s so pink that I don’t even feel excited.

hello kitty cafe pink

Anyway, we decided to order some desserts. After all, we were already in there.

hello kitty cafe order

For your information, Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio – portraying a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. It’s currently a nationwide hype, especially to little girls.

Honestly, I don’t know what is so cute about this cat.

Anyway, we proceeded to the table after ordering.

hello kitty buzzer

The cashier gave us a buzzer while they prepare the food. When it buzz and vibrates, it indicates that the food is ready to be collected from the counter.

So… what did we order?

hello kitty tiramisu cake

A tiramisu cake with the Hello Kitty logo outline powdered onto it.

hello kitty waffle

A waffle shaped after Hello Kitty, with whipped cream, slices of banana, and chocolate syrup.

hello kitty coffee art

A latte with Hello Kitty coffee art.

hello kitty cafe dessert

All three items cost a total of KRW13,500 (RM38.48). They tasted average and there wasn’t anything unique about the food, except for the Hello Kitty infusion.

Overall, it was quite comfortable to chill in the Hello Kitty Cafe. Being here is a massive dream come true for the fans.

hello kitty pink

To me, the interior design is too “girly” for my liking. I don’t fancy looking at any ribbons or even say hello to an imaginary white cat.

Besides the branch at Hongdae, there is also another Hello Kitty Cafe branch at the Incheon International Airport.

hello kitty cafe incheon airport seoul

Travel Tip: To get to Hello Kitty Cafe in the Airport, head to Gate 24. It’s located very close by!

When we were waiting to board our flight back to Malaysia, my partner insisted on dropping by. That’s fine… and additionally, she ended up buying a Hello Kitty souvenir.

After that, I was forced requested to pose in front of the outlet.

hello kitty fan

Hello! I’m so happy to see Hello Kitty! Yayyyyy…

Yeah, right…

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