Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet, Frontera Sol of Mexico

Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet, Frontera Sol of Mexico

The fasting season is here again, where our Muslim friends will be fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to dusk. But breaking fast here in Malaysia, we’re known to embrace it as a nation.

frontera sol of mexico

Just recently, I had the opportunity to try the Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet by Frontera Sol of Mexico at Jaya One.

It’s not very often that I get the chance to write about food, but for those who are looking for places to break your fast, this is for you! :)

Quick Review: Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet is not a typical buffet. Different from the common Malay or International buffet spread, Frontera’s is a fusion of Mexican touch. Scrumptious choices, and recommended for those wanting to try something unique.

ice lemon tea

As the dinner starts, diners are served with dates and a bottomless Ice Lemon Tea.

The flow of the buffet is rather interesting as it begins with a variety of starters, followed by a single main course, and ends with a few choices of desserts.

There are in total 8 starters when I was there. In fact, the number of starters may increase to 12 depending on the crowd.

mexican buffet starters

Admittedly, the starters caught my attention once they are served. Some available starters are Mexican Rice, Baked Potatoes with Parmesan Cheese, BBQ Chicken Wing with Cilantro Ranch Dressing, Beef Taquitos with Salsa Verde & Sour Cream, Yutacan Prawn Taco, and Carne Asada Beef Taco.

I particularly enjoyed the tacos, both prawn and beef. They look simple, but the ingredients are the key factor to the taste.

prawn beef taco

Generous portions are prepared for the tacos.

Besides that, the Mushroom Soup is probably the best Mushroom Soup I’ve had so far.

mushroom soup

It has a tinge of spiciness due to the presence of Chipotle (Mexican hot chili pepper), but the combination creates a richer aroma for the mushroom soup. You’ll definitely love it!

For the salad lovers, you’ll get your fair share of the Pumpkin and Chick Pea Salad.

pumpkin salad

It’s surely one of the healthier options around. ;)

Also part of the buffet is my favourite corner – the Nacho and Salsa corner!

salsa nacho

Similar to chips for many, nachos is a famous tidbit for the Mexicans. Dip them into 3 different sauces – Corn Salsa, Mango Salsa, and Red Salsa. Crunchy!

Next up, the main course. Diners can select their preferred main course from 12 available options.

frontera ramadhan buffet menu

Out of the 12 listed, I managed to try two main courses.

The first one is the Chili Cheese Beef Burger with Coleslaw.

cheese beef burger

One word to describe the burger – YUM!

The beef patty is made from minced meat, and together with the cheese and chili combination, each bite into the burger ignites my happy taste buds.

The other main course is the Maple Glazed Salmon.

salmon maple glazed

I personally love to eat salmon, and boyy, this pan-fried salmon is cooked to perfection. The skin is really crispy and the meat has tender layers with soft and rare middle portion.

Just look at this…

salmon soft meat

One of the best salmon I’ve had so far. I sure wish that all the Maple Glazed Salmon prepared by Frontera is served at this standard. Thumbs up!

After the main course, it’s desserts time! There are 4 types of desserts to choose from, and the choices may increase to 6 desserts depending on the reservation quantity.

mexican buffet desserts

We have the Banana Chocolate & Marshmallow Chimichanga, Mexican Flan (also know as Custard Pudding), Fruita de Crema, and Chipotle Chocolate Brownies.

I particularly like the Chimichanga – it’s one awesome dessert packed with all my favourite food – banana, chocolate, and marshmallow. ;)

Anyway, the Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet is one of the interesting buffets I’ve had. The Mexican infusion has certainly made it a unique option for those looking to break their fast.

ramadhan buffet

If you’re interested, do make your reservation (is a MUST!) via the contact numbers below. For every group of 8 pax, 1 dine for free (meaning 7 pay, 1 free). Customized menu is available for groups of 30 and above. Prayer room is also available.

All these good food and what’s the buffet price? It’s just RM50++ per pax. That’s really a good deal, so don’t miss out! :D

Frontera Sol of Mexico
83-G.2, Block E, The Square, Jaya One,
72A, Jalan University, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Buffet Period: 29 June – 25 July 2014
GPS Coordinates: 3.1183, 101.6358
Tel: 03-79588515 or 012-2928096 (Ramesh)

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  1. Thank you for blogging about us in 2014.

    Our Ramadhan Buffet for 2015 is here:

    RM53+ per pax (weekdays)
    RM63+ per pax (weekends)

    10 pax & above: 15% discount
    30 pax & above: 20% discount
    Kids below 12 yo: 50% discount

    To book:
    RESERVATION is A MUST! To book,
    please call 0379588515
    or message 0122928096.

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