7 Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

7 Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

Ipoh, my beloved hometown, is usually known for its heritage and delicious Ipoh food. And maybe pretty girls – that’s just about it.

But now, there’s a new attraction in town, called the “Art of Oldtown“, which is the latest collection of Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Ernest Zacharevic, the same man who painted murals on walls along the streets of Penang’s Georgetown.

ipoh old town

There are currently 7 spotsĀ around Ipoh Old Town. Therefore, during my recent trip back, I’ve decided to scoutĀ for the locations of the murals.

It’s simple to find them, as long as you’re good with maps and roads. Well, in case you need help with that, kenwooi.com is doing you a favour! :D

So here are the 7 Ipoh wall art murals locations with the exact road names and GPS coordinates.



ipoh wall art mural uncle coffee

Road Name: Jalan Dato Maharajalela
GPS: 4.59787,101.076169

The mural shows a portrait of an old uncle drinking coffee. It’s located nearby the famous franchise OldTown White Coffee eatery facing the Ipoh Field.


ipoh wall art mural paper plane

Road Name: Jalan Sheikh Adam
GPS: 4.597715,101.076882

Nearby the first mural, just walk further down the road from Oldtown White Coffee and the Paper Plane mural can be seen. It shows 2 children enjoying their childhood with a paper plane.


ipoh wall art mural kopi o

Road Name: Jalan Tun Sambathan
GPS: 4.597151,101.078703

This mural can be reached if you continued to walk along the road adjacent to Ipoh Field and across the main road. Kopi “O”, despite being black coffee, is one of the murals to celebrate Ipoh as the birth of the famous white coffee.


ipoh wall art mural hummingbird

Road Name: Jalan Panglima
GPS: 4.596704,101.07843

The mural depicts a hummingbird hovering close by a tree in search of food.


ipoh wall art mural evolution

Road Name: Jalan Bijeh Timah
GPS: 4.596343,101.079138

This Chinese-style painted mural shows Ipoh’s evolution from a tin-mining town back in the colonial days.


ipoh wall art mural girl

Road Name: Jalan Bandar Timah
GPS: 4.597004,101.078213

The mural illustrates a girl tiptoeing on a classic red plastic chair while reaching toward a cage of birds.


ipoh wall art mural trishaw

Road Name: Narrow Road off Jalan Bijeh Timah
GPS: 4.59525,101.078556

The final mural shows a man making a living in the town of Ipoh by stacking black plastic bags containing rubbish or recyclable items onto a trishaw.


So yeah, these are the 7 wall art murals drawn by Ernest Zacharevic in Ipoh. The murals do relive a sense of nostalgic moments related to Ipoh’s heritage and culture.

Here’s a map with the exact location of the murals. You can also get the Ipoh Wall Art Mural by Ernest Zacharevic by kenwooi.com on Google Maps.

A walking trail has been included for those exploring by foot. Feel free to share it with friends and family. :)

Anyway, besides the murals by Ernest, there are also several other wall paintings around Ipoh town. Some are as good as Ernest’s paintings, while some look like this…

ipoh wall art mural cartoon

Hmm… seems legit. I think a kindergarten kid drew this, or someone with a wacky mind. ;)

15 thoughts on “7 Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

  1. Ahh, I did hear about Ernest Zacharevic’s widening his artistic horizon to Ipoh. As a big fan of his, I find this very helpful. Will hunt for them when I travel up to Ipoh soon. Thanks Ken :-)

  2. You missed out one. First mural by Ernest was a small pack of Kopi ice opposite sekeping kong heng and plan b. He did it around 2013 before the new seven piece being up. Also I appreciate everyone who visit Ipoh to take note one three big mural that have been painted in 1960s. It’s location is opposite Ipoh parade at SMK Sam Tet. It used to be landmark when JLN sultan idris shah used to be two way road. Everyone entering Ipoh centre using that road will not miss it in the old days

  3. Thank you so much for the post!
    I really like these lovely murals!
    Since I will be staying in Penang for several days, is it practical to have a day trip to Ipoh? By bus or train? Please kindly advise!

  4. Seen the mural on my last visit and take my breath away!
    Great art work and remind me of the good old days!
    Still miss Ipoh my hometown even though left over 35+ years!
    Still a great city to visit with lots of memories!

  5. Great post and very nice photos, especially with the name, description and location for each of the Ipoh Street Art piece. The information is very useful for my trip to explore this very unique and lovely town. Thank you!

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