Turning 26

Turning 26

Today, I turn 26 – an age that I would think is “old” during my teenage years. Yet today, I’m still young and rearing to go!

It feels like it was just last year when I turned a quarter of a century. Oh wait, it was actually exactly a year ago.

blogger birthday card

P/S: Thank you, Nuffnang, for the awesome card!

Like always, my day will never be as extravagant as anyone else’s birthday. I always say it’s just like any ordinary day, but 31 July will never be just an ordinary day to be honest.

I started my day as usual – all ready for work.

ready to work

I put on my usual office attire. Nothing fancy, nothing extra special to make me feel any different from any other day.

At the office, I put on my detailed-oriented hat and flex my Excel muscles. For your info, I can do shizt with Excel, don’t play play! ;)

office desk 1

While it was just the beginning of the day, I received a unknown call. Once I picked it up, 2 peeps were casually singing the birthday song over the phone.

I recognized their voices – they were Ben from FlyFM, and my sister, Jane. Apparently Jane, who’s currently working with the radio station, pestered Ben to give me a call.

Honestly, it was a surprise. I would have never guessed that I’d get that call, and be speaking with Ben himself. I’m not sure if it was live on air, but I was fortunate that it wasn’t a Krappy call. Heh.

takeaway lunch

Lunch was rather… ordinary. Packed food from the nearby food court.

Unlike most of my colleagues, who received surprises with cakes and yada yada on their birthdays, I like my day in the office to be peaceful and productive. :)

So after lunch, I continued with my Excel shizt!

office desk 2

Data here, formula there. Data there, formula here. Then the conclusion. That’s the life of working around with Excel.

After a day’s work, I went for a simple dinner at Burger Factory at SS15 with my loved one.

Frankly, when I was asked to choose where I’d like to dine for my birthday dinner, I had no clue. My first option wasn’t available anymore, my second option is still closed for Raya, so Burger Factory was a last minute decision.

ss15 burger factory

Well, it doesn’t matter where the dinner was as long as I get to spend some precious time for the evening.

Oh look! It’s a burger!
It’s a pack of fries!
It’s a candle!

It’s my Burgerlicious Birthday Cake! Haha! :D

burger cake

So now I’m back home facing the computer and typing out this entry. It’s still my birthday, so if you’re reading this right now…


Or else… I don’t know. Heh.

Anyway, while I’m still receiving brief wishes over Facebook and stuff, what surprised me were from the people closest to me. This one is from Jane…

instagram wish 1

Actually, I’ve never heard of such words from her before. Heh.

I know it’s kinda awkward to be doing it personally, so I guess Instagram will do. ;)

Then another sister of mine joined in as well…

instagram wish 2

Also, I didn’t know that she thought me as “full of life, always on the go, determined and competitive”. Never heard of it from her personally as well.

Such admiration towards me. Ahem. ;)

Anyway, I don’t get fancy gifts during my birthday – I know some people do get super glamourous presents, but here’s what I go so far…

cute gifts

A piece of card, a Lego figurine for aged 5+ (hmm… am I that young?), and a Mamee packet with Monster having a new fat pink face!

Alright, that’s all from me. To another year of success!

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    Ok…ok…belated birthday greetings, Ken. Hope everything’s been good so far and will stay good for the rest of the year. Cheers!

    P.S. I think I did wish you on Facebook, right? ;)

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