Visit Thailand: Patong Beach & Bangla Road

Visit Thailand: Patong Beach & Bangla Road

Patong is well-known as Phuket’s main tourist attraction and also the center of Phuket’s nightlife. Sounds exciting, right?

During our Phuket-Krabi trip, Patong was the second and last destination before heading home to Malaysia.

phuket patong

After spending 2 nights at Krabi, we traveled to Phuket Island via the Ao Nang Princess ferry ride across the Andaman Sea.

Once we arrived at Rassada Pier, Phuket’s main port for ferry trips, we got a complimentary drop-off at Seven Seas Hotel, our hotel at Patong.

Prior to the trip, I didn’t know much about Patong. Call me oblivious, but I don’t bother much about the news and updates in Thailand despite it being a neighbouring country.

phuket patong beach

I’m aware of the 2004 Tsunami disaster, but wasn’t aware that Patong was one of the worst affected areas. I only found out after I read about it before the trip.

Today, Patong still remain as a vibrant and prominent destination for many tourists. Its main attraction has to be the infamous Bangla Road, or locally known as Soi Bangla.

Known as a notorious spot, Bangla Road is lined up with bars and nightclubs, street performances, and “promoters” selling Ping Pong, Tiger, and A Go Go shows to passersby.

patong bangla road

I secretly thought of giving the shows a try. But decided not to after knowing that it could be a rip-off method to suck money out of unwary customers.

Furthermore, it’s not my type of “entertainment” and it’d be a complete waste of money.

patong moulin rouge

Also, if you’re there at the right time, a bunch of beautifully-dressed she-males will appear on Bangla Road to attract more customers.

Honestly, I can’t accept the fact that these “ladies” with enormous boobs that’s gonna explode into your face used to be men with gugu-birds! I mean… how can?! That’s super disgusting! :/

Anyway, a shopping mall is located at the east-end of Bangla Road.

patong jungceylon mall

It seems like a perfect place for shopping, but Jungceylon Shopping Mall is like any ordinary mall. I used the mall as a shortcut to Banzaan Market.

By the way, you should SO visit Banzaan Market if you’re there at Patong. Best place to have meals! :)

Besides the nightlife and fake women, the Patong Beach is another attraction for the beach enthusiasts.

patong beach sign

While the majority would opt to enjoy the beaches offered by Island Tours (Phi Phi Islands Tour, for example), Patong Beach is no different and it’s less crowded.

The beach stretches along Patong’s main road, Thawewong Road, where it’s crowded with souvenirs outlets and restaurants.

Besides getting a sunbath or strolling along the beach, the sunset view is also available on this beach.

patong beach sunset

Too bad it was cloudy when we were there.

Anyway, there weren’t many people on the beach when we were there during the weekdays. Perhaps the happening period only happen during the weekends.

patong beach

Personally, Patong Beach is a nice place to relax and unwind. There are several water sports and activities, but we didn’t do any because they’re rather expensive.

But there are some activities that are free, like enjoying the scenery, sunbathing, and listening to the waves hitting against the beach.

Oh, another free activity is popularly known as posing for the camera. This is my pose!

patong beach pose

Uhh… I think it’s quite a #FAIL attempt.

Oh well, that’s the reason why I will never become a beach model. Heh. Kthxbai!

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