Visit Thailand: Phuket & Krabi 6D5N Travel Budget

Visit Thailand: Phuket & Krabi 6D5N Travel Budget

It’s always my commitment to ensure that there’s a budget for any traveling trip. Personally, I like managing money. Heh. ;)

So here’s one for my recent Phuket-Krabi trip.

thai baht

To be honest, I didn’t have a solid budget to begin with. Although I tried to estimate the expenses needed at both Phuket and Krabi, there were possible unpredictable scenarios that we’ve prepared for.

The Internet provides information on certain expenses, but the logistics there were unplanned as Thailand is a place where your bargaining skill is put to the test. Furthermore, excess cash was prepared in case of emergencies.

Anyway, this travel budget is for 2 travelers on a 6D5N trip to Krabi first (2 nights) and then Phuket (3 nights).



  • Total Spent Prior to Trip – RM988.70
  • Total Spent on Pre-Booking – RM1,809.82 (THB17,605.25)
  • Total Cash Exchanged – RM1,542 (THB15,000)
  • Total Spent During Trip – RM1,141.80 (THB11,107)
  • Total Cash Balance – RM400.20 (THB2,893)
  • Total Trip (Nett) – RM3,940.32

The exchange rate back in April 2014 was RM10.28 for THB100.



Flight for 2 (with Insurance) – RM670

We purchased the flight to Phuket with Malaysia Airlines (MAS) about 8 months before the trip. MAS had a promotion then.

malaysia airlines flight

The airfare was considerably very cheap for a Malaysia Airlines flight. Another contributing factor to the cheap fare was due to the odd flight schedule which was in the wee hours of the morning.

As the flight duration was more than an hour, we were served a meal on board. Best flight deal ever!

Clothes and Equipments – RM318.70

Both Phuket and Krabi are warm places, so we got some skimpy suitable clothing for the outdoor adventures.

hyper gear waterproof bag

Besides that, equipments such as waterproof bag and watch were also bought before the trip.

Food for 2 – RM339.55 (THB3,303) | Average RM56.60 (THB550.50) a Day

Thai food are actually reasonably priced. I initially thought that they can be expensive, but found out that prices can be affordable at the right places.

thai food snack

Prices of food from street stalls or night market range from THB40 (RM4.11) to THB80 (RM8.22). Much cheaper than what you get from the physical eateries.

Even the seafood at Banzaan Market at Patong was very affordable.

thai seafood

If you opt for a higher-end restaurant, places like Lae Lay Grill Seafood at Krabi will cost more and it’s not worth the price.

We managed to save on food when we were on Island Tours where simple lunch is generally provided.

Transportation for 2 – RM493.44 (THB4,800)

The big bulk of the transportation is not from taxi or tuk-tuk rides within the town, it’s actually from the ferry rides between Phuket and Krabi.

ao nang princess ferry

The 2-way ferry ride costs THB1,545 (RM158.83) per person, hence totaling to THB3,090 (RM317.65) for 2 persons. It was pre-booked online prior to the trip via

The other portion of transportation was the taxi rides to and fro Phuket International Airport, which was approximately THB700 (RM71.96) each ride.

thai krabi taxi

Other than that, complimentary pick-up and drop-off by some hotels and ferry operators helped with reducing the expenses on transportation.

Island Tour Packages & Massage for 2 – RM1,356.96 (THB13,200)

A huge portion of the trip’s expenses falls into this category. Going for Island Tours is not cheap, but bargaining can be done to get the best rate.

phuket khai island view

In total we went for 3 Island-Hopping Tours. Here were the rates we got:

FYI, Hong by Starlight by John Gray’s Sea Canoe is a fixed rate. We pre-booked it online prior to the trip.

Other than that, we went for a massage session at Attarak: Let’s Sea Let’s Relax at Krabi. An Aloe Vera massage cost THB700 (RM71.96) per pax.

Souvenirs – RM39.58 (THB385)

After the excessive souvenir shopping in Korea, we decided NOT to repeat the expensive act again. So… we totally minimized on souvenirs!

In fact, we only bought ourselves a couple of souvenirs for memory-sake, and not for anyone back home.

thai souvenir

No, that lady in blue is NOT a souvenir.

3D2N Accommodation in Krabi – RM458 (THB4,455) | RM229 (THB2,227) a Night

We reserved a room at Aonang Cliff Beach Resort, a 4-star boutique resort at the heart of Ao Nang, via a LivingSocial voucher.

aonang cliff beach resort

A quick check on the website indicates that the room is about THB4,500 (RM462.60) a night. If it wasn’t because of the voucher, we would have stayed at another hotel in Ao Nang.

4D3N Accommodation in Phuket – RM222.05 (THB2,160) | RM74 (THB720) a Night

Seven Seas Hotel is a small budget hotel located on the north end along Patong Beach.

seven seas hotel

It’s definitely value-for-money as it has all the basic amenities for a very cheap rate.

Miscellaneous – RM42.04 (THB409)

This category mainly consist of tips (yes, it’s a tipping culture in Thailand), a waterproof case for the smartphone, and a universal adaptor.

universal adaptor

We thought the power sockets in Thailand are the same as Malaysia’s so we didn’t bring our universal adaptor. Consequently, we had to buy one from a nearby Family Mart to keep our smartphones charged.


There you go, the travel expenses for the Phuket-Krabi trip. RM3,940.32 for a 6 days trip for 2 may not be cheap, but majority of the expenses were spent on necessities such as accommodation, transportation, and island-hopping tour packages.

So this entry wraps up our Thai Adventure in 2014! I’m not a beach person, but it was nevertheless an exciting trip.

thai phuket beach

Nah… here’s my so-called “Livin’ the Life” shot! ;)

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