Seoul in Love

Seoul in Love

Besides the historical culture, mountains of kimchi, and K-Pop craze, Seoul has an interesting fact that’s hard to miss – it’s a place filled with seoul so much love!

Perhaps it could have been due to the tragic Korean War that instilled the importance of love within the community. Or maybe it’s an initiative by the South Korean government to promote peaceful living.

n seoul tower love

Regardless of the reason, it’s a commendable initiative to cultivate a healthy society.

So I thought it would be nice to feature some love-related sightings we came across during our trip to Seoul back in 2013.

korea love lane

I don’t read Korean, but this spot at Ssamziegil, located along the popular Insa-dong Street, is a lane where people leave messages for their loved ones.

Just look at the amount of messages cluttered along the fence.

korea love lane message

For those who have left a message, I’m not sure if they can ever find it back again. It’d be similar to finding a needle in a haystack!

Besides that, N Seoul Tower also has a good share of the “lovely” feature.

n seoul tower love thing

This love-shaped structure is located within the vicinity of the tower’s ground-level. It has phrases like “I Love You” and “Feel Your Love”. Quite mushy, but it’s how the Koreans roll. ;)

Not far away from the structure, they also have the popular love padlocks site.

n seoul tower love padlock

This attraction allows couples to write their love messages on the padlock, lock it on the fence, and discard the key. Hence, an act of everlasting love for each other.

Too mushy!

We also see it at Nami Island, the island of peace, love and harmony!

nami island deco love

Right after arriving at the island, visitors will see a welcome sign in the form of a love-shaped flower-bed. We all know that Nami Island is a famous filming location for Korean drama Winter Sonata, so it’s no surprise that they reinforce the lovey-dovey-ness.

You’ll see more love-shaped features even as you walk around the island.

nami island love

You know what… I think it’s much easier for the Koreans to decorate in a love-shaped layout than other more common shapes, likes circle or square.

Anyway, Seoul is such a lovely place that the visitors go all mushy too.

western lovers

Here is a western couple spotted taking a rest at one of Seoul’s Grand Palaces. How sweet!

There are also other sightings involving people expressing their love, particularly at the War Memorial of Korea.

war memorial korea statue of brothers

The Statue of Brothers depicts a real-life story about two brothers who fought in the Korean War on opposite sides and accidentally reunited on the battlefield.

Honestly, I wonder what happened to the brothers immediately after that? Did they get killed while hugging each other at the battlefield? Hmm…

Also at the Namsangol Hanok Village, we met the ruler of the Kenseon Dynasty, Emperor Ken-wu, who welcomed us with a love pose…

korean emperor love

Awww… that’s SEOUL SO sweet of him!

How can you not love him too, right? ;)

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