The Smarter Smartphone Choice

The Smarter Smartphone Choice

In today’s generation, smartphones are essential in our daily routine. According to a statistic, smartphone users will never be more than 2 hours away from their smartphone in a single day.

In a nutshell, smartphones are so important for us to keep connected our with friends and family.

samsung galaxy s4 box

For me, I got my first ever smartphone about a year ago during my 25th birthday and it has totally enriched my life with the variety of apps. ;)

Anyway, getting a smartphone is convenient these days especially when there are great offers provided. One good example is by DiGi, one of the top mobile service providers in Malaysia.

Currently, DiGi is offering the widest range of FREE smartphones, ranging from the latest Xiaomi to HTC, and also the best value for high performance phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5 & Note 3.

digi smartphone site

All you need to pay is a monthly commitment of RM78 with the DG SmartPlan 78 and it comes with 3GB data, 100 minutes of talktime, and 100 SMSes!

By signing up today, enjoy extra FREE 100 minutes of talktime and 100 SMSes, plus rebates up to RM 60.

digi xiaomi redmi

Not forgetting, the package also comes with extra freebies such as Unlimited WhatsApp, Free Norton Security, and Free Deezer.

Honestly, it was rather naive of me to write 10 reasons why I don’t own a smartphone back then, and I’ve never looked back. So, what makes us smarter with the smartphone?

Firstly, we get to have various communication options. Together with the basic call and text, it’s now possible to access emails, video calls and get connected via social media.

smartphone photo

Many of us are using apps like Instagram to express ourselves through photographic updates.

Plus, with the Internet plan, web browsing now extends from the desk at home or office. Smartphones have brought it to places wherever we go!

With thousands of smartphone apps, we are able to use it as a device packed with multiple functions, such as the camera, GPS receiver, and speakers. This also includes apps that eases our lives such as digital maps and fitness trackers.

google waze

So how can one NOT own a smartphone today? If you don’t, it’s time to take that jump! ;)

Anyway, get free smartphones at affordable postpaid plan with DG SmartPlan with Internet up to 6GB, FREE talktime and SMSes, and extra app freebies.

Hop over to DiGi’s Smartphones Overview site to find out more alright. :D

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