Twice To London

Twice To London

I love London. I love being there. It’s my favourite place to visit on Earth, and I’ll never get tired of the city even though I’ve only visited London for the second time back in November 2013.

Once in London, you don’t have to go far to experience the prime British lifestyle. In fact, there are many places of interest in London itself.

london souvenir

Known for the red double-decker bus, black taxi cab, and several landmarks, London is located just south of Hatfield, the small town where we stayed at the beginning of the visit.

We traveled down to London via the train on one of the days to escape from the mundane Hatfield environment.

The first meal we ate at London was… Fish and Chips!

london fish and chips

Whenever I think of being in the UK, the only meal that comes into my mind is none other than Fish and Chips. I don’t know why, but I think it’s a common meal here.

The best Fish and Chips I’ve had so far was in Liverpool. ;)

Anyway, you won’t miss this phrase when traveling around London via the London Underground.

london mind the gap

Please mind the gap!

The London Underground is the most convenient mode of transportation to travel around London. Its stations are located within walking distance from most landmarks.

london underground tube

We purchased an all-day travel card that allows us to travel within all of London’s 6 zones. Here’s a tip – it’s much cheaper to buy it during the off-peak period. If I’m not mistaken, it’s after 10am and before 4pm.

Our first stop was the Tower Hill Station, where the famous Tower Bridge and Tower of London are located.

london tower bridge

This is the always magnificent and photogenic Tower Bridge. Till today, many still mistaken this bridge for the London Bridge.

Besides the typical day visit, I’ve also managed to drop by during the night.

london tower bridge night

Next up, Westminster Station!

This is the station to drop by the Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and London Eye.

london big ben

Big Ben is another significant icon of London.

And across the Westminster Bridge, the London Eye Ferris wheel stand tall along the River Thames.

london eye

It’s currently still the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe and it offers a public viewing point of London.

Till today I’ve yet to ride on it. Oh well, perhaps the next trip!

Other than that, we also visited Harrods via the Knightsbridge Station.

london harrods

Harrods is a high-end department store that consists of possibly all the branded products on Earth. For someone like me, it’s not a place where I can simply splurge my money on.

Just look at the amount of cash I have…

pound cash

For just £28 (RM157.36), I can only buy peanuts in Harrods. :(

Anyway, it has several departments selling products such as clothing for women and men, jewelries, accessories and so on. Walking around was kinda fun, but the sad part was that I came out empty-handed.

But you know what, if I were to buy something it has to be this…

purple snake purse

Damn… what a gorgeous looking purplish purse with snake-skin and multiple “rings” for all 4 fingers! I think I look absolutely astonishing with it.

But wait… well, actually… it looks kinda weird. :/

Anyway, I also managed to visit Hogwarts via the Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station! I’m serious!

harry potter platform

Didn’t manage to take any photos at Hogwarts, but I literally turned into the best wizard around. As a result, Harry Potter went to Professor Dumbledore and cried like a big baby. Heh. ;)

Anyway, we didn’t go to much places this time as it was just a one-day trip.

To find out more places to visit in London, check out Welcome to London which I wrote back in 2010 during my first visit to Europe. :)

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  1. Fish and chips is the cheapest meal in mat sallehs’ countries la Ken. As simple as that. :-D London is definitely everyone’s favorite. Missing it already.

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