5 Highlights of My 2014

5 Highlights of My 2014

There’s something about time going faster as we get older.

Now I’m NOT that old to begin with, but that’s how I felt when reflecting upon this very year.

digital 2014

They say that unique milestones make a certain time frame more memorable because iconic moments usually stand out in our mind. That’s how our memories work – they represent time.

As for my 2014, the year has a mix of both mundane and exciting moments. Even though majority of the moments were “mundane” (well, it relates to my professional life), my personal experiences were the more exciting ones.

Let’s have a look at the “exciting” highlights of my year…

1) Moved into my brand new home, like finally!

new house

I’ve been “staying out” for more than 3 years since I started working in the big city. In February this year, the house was ready (after months of renovation) and it was a feeling of great satisfaction!

Besides that, the need for being extra “careful” and “considerate” (when staying out) completely vanished because this place is MINE.

laze on couch

I call the shots around here! Oh yeah! ;)

On the flip side, the monthly home loan repayment costs a bomb! That made me extra mindful with my spending this year.

2) Traveled to 2 neighbouring countries – Thailand and Singapore.

phuket beach

The trip to Phuket and Krabi wasn’t my ideal trip. I mean… it’s hot and humid there – oh, I can’t stand being all sweaty and stinky! Nevertheless, it was a great time exploring the beaches and discovering the uniqueness of Thailand.

On a related note, it wasn’t like traveling to Seoul, Korea or UK in 2013 where the weather is cold and you don’t sweat much, you know?

singapore f1 night race

Besides Thailand, Singapore got my attention as well – thanks to the complimentary passes for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. It has been years since my last visit and it’s nice to be back at this highly urbanized country once again.

I can’t help but to compare this relatively smaller country with Malaysia. Singapore is definitely a more organized and advanced nation. I bet they’re glad to have pulled out from Malaysia huh?

3) Met Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Well, it was just a brief encounter and we didn’t even exchange words. But the main highlight was that he shook my hands! :D

The blurred photo explains my excitement. Heh. ;)

4) Performed with a saxophone… after so many years!

saxophone performance

If you’ve not known, I used to consistently play the saxophone until work became a higher priority in life. Fortunately, my company organized a mini “Got Talent” competition in conjunction with its annual dinner.

Although it would be just a one-off thing, I took the opportunity to flaunt my “talent” and subsequently won 2nd place that night! :D

Here’s a 15-seconds glimpse of my performance originally posted on my Instagram!

What do you think? :D

5) Gained focus on health and fitness.

brooks running shoes

This year, I somehow realized the importance of fitness to cultivate a healthier lifestyle. Hence, I became more active in running compared to previous years (even though I started running back in 2012 with my first 5KM at SCKLM).

My investment in running has increased as compared to last year. I spent more on running gears such as shoes and socks. I spent more time on the road as well.

This year I’ve ran close to 350KM (144KM in 2013) inclusive of an accumulated 35KM from official runs such as Energizer Night Race, TM Fan Run, Standard Chartered KL Marathon and NM Galaxy Road Race.

homemade sandwich

Plus, I’ve been more mindful and attentive towards my eating habit. I’ve reduced significantly on eating out (I still eat out, okay!) and have taken the initiative to prepare my own food such as sandwiches and overnight oats.

To be frank, I’ve never felt so fit and healthy before. :)

So that sums up the 5 highlights of my 2014. It was definitely a year of personal fulfillment and aspirations.

red win cheers

Moving forward, I’m sure 2015 will be an exciting one! ;)

Here’s to all kenwooi.com readers – Happy New Year 2015! Cheers!

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