Visit Scotland: Jacobite Loch Ness Cruise

Visit Scotland: Jacobite Loch Ness Cruise

On Day 4 of the Great Britain Tour with Expat Explore, we went further north to the Scottish Highlands to explore Inverness and Loch Ness.

While it was a short visit to Inverness city after Edinburgh, we spent most of our time on a cruise at Loch Ness, a large deep loch southwest of Inverness.

jacobite loch ness cruise

Jacobite Loch Ness Cruise was the cruise provider – probably the only cruise service offered in that area.

There are several types of tours offered, ranging from 1-hour to 6-hours. We were offered the 1-hour tour, which is the “Inspiration” Tour.

jacobite loch ness ticket

At Loch Ness, our tour guide helped us with the ticket purchase. The ticket costs £13.50 (RM75.87) per adult.

loch ness nessie shop

Before the cruise, we wandered around a nearby rest area called the Loch Ness Nessie Shop. It has many types of souvenirs and you can even get a quick bite at a small cafe inside it.

The cruise departs on every hour from the Clansman Hotel Harbour, which is not far away from the rest area.

jacobite cruise

Not long after that, we proceeded to the harbour and our boat was ready at the dock.

jacobite cruise boat

As many of us already know, Loch Ness is the home to the Loch Ness Monster, or also known as “Nessie”, which is a large mysterious animal spotted back then.

Some people say it may have been a misidentification of common animals. But who knows – maybe the monster is real and it’s living deep under the loch!

So I was determined to look for any signs of unusual creatures during the cruise.

loch ness cruise

The weather was gloomy during the cruise. Skies were dark and it was chilling cold outdoors.

Nevertheless, it was fun to be standing on the open-deck of the boat. It’s the best place to spot Nessie the Loch Ness Monster!

loch ness cruise river

So we sailed along Loch Ness, and every seems to be perfectly ordinary.

We also get to see trees on the land experiencing autumn foliage, as it was close to Winter.

inverness autumn foliage

The cruise went on with minimal signs of Nessie, and I started to get uneasy about the fact that I don’t get to see the monster with my very own eyes.

I mean, that was my only chance to see a monster! Rawr!

loch ness cruise sea

As the approach the cruise’s final leg, I kept on searching but to no avail. Probably Loch Ness is just another Loch with speculations of a monsters living in it.

Anyhow, the view was quite fascinating.

loch ness urquhart castle

The 1-hour “Inspiration” cruise also provides a view of the ruins of Urquhart Castle – once a royal castle which was partially destroyed to prevent enemies from using it.

Anyway, the cruise without Nessie’s appearance.

loch ness monster

Actually, if I met Nessie, I would have collected its poops, turn them into chocolate balls, and call them Whoopsies! Om nom nom!

Err.. okay, that sounded weird but hey… I really have Nessie’s Whoopsies just for myself!

loch ness nessie chocolate

Om nom nom nom!

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