Must Have Free WiFi

Must Have Free WiFi

Is it possible for one to travel without WiFi nowadays? Hell no!

Accessing the Internet is definitely a MUST whenever we travel abroad so that we can keep in touch with our family and friends by posting wonderful photos – hence, making them jealous. Heh heh!

Yes, I really do wanna make everyone back home jealous.

free wifi asada

During my recent trip to the United Kingdom (you see, UK weh – how can I not post photos when I’m there, right?), I was always on the lookout for free WiFi acess.

I mean, it’s the very basic need we need as part of the traveling journey. Heck, it should be even added to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs…

maslow needs wifi

Honestly, I rather have WiFi than food, water, and shelter. On second thought, maybe not.

Anyway, back to being at UK, my main aim was to connect to the Internet. A few reasons for that – update status on Facebook, post photos on Instagram, and check-in on Swarm. People need to know about my whereabouts!

But wait, it’s not easy to find free WiFi when I was on the go.

free wifi london underground

I stumbled upon this board while traveling with London Underground, but I didn’t manage to access it. That sucks.

Other than that, the main source of free WiFi was at the hotels throughout the Great Britain Tour with Expat Explore.

free wifi ibis hotel

Ibis Hotel is certainly my preferred hotel. Unlimited free access WiFi is available, but the only time I can use it is when I’m at the hotel.

Other than that, there are very limited chances to find free WiFi.

Another hotel we stayed in during the tour was Premier Inn Hotel. They do offer free WiFi as well. But…

free wifi premier inn

Freaking 30 minutes ONLY for a day! The heck?! Furthermore, the boards around the lobby of Premier Inn promoted it as though 30 minutes of free WiFi is a damn good offer.

Whhatttt?? What can I do with 30 minutes of WiFi in the hotel? Pfftt!

Besides the hotel, some small towns within Scotland has free WiFi access, such as Jedburgh.

wifi sign

There’s a public WiFi connection around the area. Although it’s not exactly high-speed Internet, but hey… it was good enough for an quick Instagram posting! ;)

Other than that, certain places require a fee to access the Internet via the public computer.

internet access

£1 (RM5.60) for 10 minutes of Internet access? You gotta be kiddin’ me, man! No way I’m gonna pay close to RM6 for 10 minutes weh.

In Malaysia, RM6 can last for 3 hours, you know?

Anyway, now that I’ve demonstrated the plight travelers go through whenever they travel to a foreign land and basic WiFi is scarce, you can surely opt for a local sim card with data plan.

free wifi sign

But if you don’t feel like getting a local sim card, always keep an eye for the “Free WiFi” sign! That must be a rare chance you’ll get to “be connected”.

So whip out that mobile phone, or whatever devices you have, and connect!

free wifi connect

Yes, that’s the “Oh damn there’s free WiFi and I’m connecting” look.


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