5 Things I Love About Malaysia

5 Things I Love About Malaysia

Malaysia is the best, here’s why!

1) The variety of multi-cultural food because it fulfills 1 of the 7 deadly sins – Gluttony.

banana leaf rice

It makes us consume food that don’t do any good to the body except to tease our taste-buds. They eventually turn into fats within the body.

Therefore, it creates the need to exercise more often to stay fit and healthy. That’s why I run frequently.

2) The properties with ever-increasing price tag.

malaysia property price

This keeps us aware that the inflation is massive and we can’t even keep up with that rapid pace. The rich gets richer, while the poor gets… more jealous of the rich.

The majority won’t be able to buy good properties and therefore they rather spend their little money on other things like an iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5.

3) The amazing all-year-round dry (sometimes haze) & wet season.

blue sky day

We have no Autumn, Winter and Spring – so it kinda suck. Plus, the Summer we have here is freaking hot!

With this environment in Malaysia, it teaches us to cherish the weather when we travel to countries with 4 seasons.

4) The traffic jam during rush hour, especially during weekdays and on weekends after salary payout.

malaysia traffic jam

It teaches me to be patient on the road and avoid succumbing to road-rage at all cost. Road-rage may lead to road accidents and I can’t afford such hefty repair cost.

5) The abundance of shopping malls within Klang Valley.

one city shopping mall

Firstly, they help me to kill time during weekends, and secondly they encourage me to train my resistance against instant gratification for unnecessary stuffs.

Every time when I’m at the mall and I come across things that attract me, I will give myself a big fat slap on the face so that I won’t buy them.

Okay, I don’t slap myself. That’s crazy. Well, I’ll just… walk away.

malaysia jalur gemilang

That’s it for the 5 things I love about Malaysia.

Happy Malaysia Day!

3 thoughts on “5 Things I Love About Malaysia

  1. Why do you love No.2? You have lots of property, is it? So the prices keep going up and up and up? The rich gets richer, the poor gets poorer… Sobssss!!!!! I would agree with No. 1, of course – no place like here when it comes to food. Forgive me for I have sinned too.. :D

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