Train to Jungfraujoch at Swiss Alps

Train to Jungfraujoch at Swiss Alps

During our Trip of a Lifetime, Switzerland was the second destination on the Europe Taster Tour with Expat Explore.

After 2 days in Paris, we departed to the Swiss Alps, or Jungfrau region to be exact, where we spent the third and fourth day of the tour at.

It was our first time being in the land with quirky laws.

switzerland swiss flag

Here are a couple of wacky laws in Switzerland…

  1. A man can’t pee while standing up after 10pm. Also, flushing the toilet is not allowed after 10pm.
  2. It is illegal to ski down a mountain while reciting poetry.
  3. Clothes may not be hung to dry on Sunday.

Yeah, madness eh?

Anyway, it was a great stay at Alpenrose Hotel. It’s situated in the village of Wilderswil which is owned by Carl Cronje, the owner of Expat Explore.

switzerland alpenrose hotel

It was definitely the most comfortable stay throughout the entire tour. The bed was superbly cozy and we found it hard to wake up in the morning!

Also, the water from the tap is the cleanest and purest water you can ever find.

switzerland tap water

Honestly, the tap water in Switzerland tastes really good… way better than the other European countries.

You know what… we even filled up a bottle, kept it until the last day of our Trip of a Lifetime, and drank it before our flight back to Malaysia. Absolutely heavenly!

Anyway, the key highlight of this part of the tour was the excursion to Jungfrau, one of the main summits of the Swiss Alps. It was optional, but majority of the tour members opted for it.

swiss alps jungfrau book

The return train ride costs CHF170 (RM765!!) per adult – a discounted price for group booking by Expat Explore. It would have been CHF200 (RM900!!! Oh kill me already!) per adult if we had purchased over the counter.

We woke up early in the morning and headed to the Wilderswil train station with the tour group.

swiss alps jungfrau train

This was one of the trains we took to get to Jungfraujoch, the highest train station in Europe.

We were really expecting an awesome view at the peak, but even before we reached the top, the view was already amazing.

swiss alps train ride

All of us were mesmerized by the picture-perfect scenery of the Swiss countryside. Everyone was barely seated as we kept switching to each side of the windows to take photos.

Just look…

swiss alps train ride view

We were not even at the top, yet there were already so much wow-ness!

It was so chilling and cold when we opened the window to enjoy the breeze of the alps.

swiss alps train station

After a 2-hour journey (with interchanging stations at Lauterbrunnen and Kleine Scheidegg), we finally laid eyes on the most anticipated view of the peak!

As we stepped out onto the Sphinx Observatory platform…

swiss alps jungfrau observation deck


The first experience out there was just… breathtaking! We were fortunate to have such great weather – clear blue skies!

Our tour leader told us that if we were there the next day, it’d be all misty! Phew!

swiss alps jungfrau temperature

The temperature at the summit was about -3.3°C. It should be freezing out there, but since the sun was blazing hot – the feeling of being there was just fine.

It felt so surreal to be there. I’ve heard of this place, but never would have imagined that we’d set foot here at the Top of Europe… on such a beautiful day.

swiss alps jungfrau height

I’d admit that it was kinda scary to be standing so high up with just metal steel bars between my feet and those rocky ice surface.

We then moved on to the indoor attractions, which were nothing to shout about. But soon after, we discovered the next amazing spot at Jungfraujoch – The Plateau.

swiss alps jungfrau the plateau

It was another piece of open space with breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps.

swiss alps jungfrau mountain

Just amazing! How can you not drop-your-jaw when you have such an amazing view from where you stand.

I was literally amazed.

swiss alps jungfrau glacier

This was one of the glaciers in the Swiss Alps that can be seen from the Plateau.

Since it was an amazing day, I decided to propose to Shane there. Well, kinda planned yet spontaneous… but more on that later. :)

After 3 hours at Jungfraujoch, we headed down to Interlaken.

swiss alps mountain valley

The ascending route was different from the descending route, where we got to see another part of the Jungfrau region.

The view of villages and meadows nestled along the valleys beneath snow-capped mountains was truly a peaceful scene.

By the way, did you know that Switzerland is well-known as one of the lowest crime-rate countries? You can be out walking at midnight and need not be afraid of any bad guys lurking around. ;)

switzerland interlaken

Upon arriving at Interlaken, we took a stroll and went around town to search for souvenirs and THAT one local cuisine we’ve been craving for…

Swiss Cheese Fondue!

swiss cheese fondue

We stumbled upon a cafe called Brasserie 17 where we decided to have our first taste of the authentic cheese fondue.

To our dismay, the cheese fondue was alcohol-infused and it was too strong for our liking. So… we didn’t really enjoy it. :/

I wish I could have told the waiter… no alcohol! Oh well, till next time!

swiss franc cash

Switzerland’s main currency is the Swiss Franc, or also coded as CHF. The standards of living here is pretty high.

The exchange rate as of January 2016 is RM4.50 for CHF1.

Seems affordable for a dollar-to-dollar comparison. But let me give you an example, a postcard costs CHR3.10, which is RM14 – so expensive!

Despite the hefty CHF conversion in Ringgit Malaysia, I bought a souvenir for myself anyway – a true authentic Swiss army knife!

swiss army knife

It costs me CHF45.10 (RM203) and honestly, I was kinda unsure if I’d ever use it at all.

But now with this cool gadget, I definitely feel safer here in Malaysia. I ‘reaaaallly’ do. ;)

3 thoughts on “Train to Jungfraujoch at Swiss Alps

  1. Hello, enjoy reading your post on this trip. I though of joining expat for this package, but was wander the reliability of this company since its an online company, may I know is there any hidden cost beside the package price? And how total roughly you’hv spended on this. Hope u r kind to reply me asap, thx for your time.?

    1. Hi Tan,

      Expat Explore is very reliable. I’ve been on 2 tours with them so far – once in 2013 (Great Britain Tour) and recently in 2015 (Europe Taster Tour). There is no hidden cost involved. The price (or early price price) is as per stated on the website when you purchase – of course, it depends on the foreign exchange rate.

      Other cost involved would be personal spending, such as souvenirs and snacks. You’ll also need cash to purchase your own meals when it’s not provided. I purchased this tour for £433/pax (with returning traveler discount).

      If you’re really interested, I can be your referral and you’ll get additional 5% discount from the price. :)

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