Ipoh Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun

Ipoh Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun

Another must-try during an Ipoh Food Trip has to be this home-based Chee Cheong Fun at Pasir Pinji.

ipoh pasir pinji chee cheong fun

Located along a secluded road at Pasir Pinji, this hideout requires some accurate navigation to get here. If you’re at Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot, it’s good to spare some tummy space to savour this delicious Chee Cheong Fun.

Unlike the more popular food places in Ipoh, this Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun house caters for about a maximum of 5 groups of customers at any point in time.

Also, it’s only open on weekdays (except Wednesdays) so it doesn’t cater for the weekend crowd.

ipoh pasir pinji chee cheong fun house

The house looks like this – somewhat camouflaged among the surrounding ordinary houses. So be on the lookout as you drive through Jalan Pasir Pinji 5. There is a mini stall set up in the house compound.

You can park along the street – but please don’t park in front of the gates of the other residences.

ipoh pasir pinji chee cheong fun order

Once you’re there, you’ll be given an order number. Please remember it as they’ll then call out your number and ask for your order. So while waiting, just make yourself at home.

ipoh pasir pinji chee cheong fun stall

The lady manning the stall smoothly chops away the Chee Cheong Fun. It’s a fun sight to see. The prices range from RM2.30 (small plate) to RM3.20 (large plate).

Besides that, you have several choices of sauces to pair your Chee Cheong Fun with, such as red sweet sauce, chilli sauce, shallot oil and curry. The Chee Cheong Fun can also be topped with sesame and pickled jalapenos chilli. You’ll be asked for your preference when the lady calls out your order number.

A point to note is that the sweet sauce for this Chee Cheong Fun in Ipoh differs from the usual ones you get in KL. The sweet sauce here is red in color instead of the usual black ones.

ipoh pasir pinji chee cheong fun sauce

It doesn’t take long for them to prepare. Probably about 10-15 minutes of waiting time.

Once the Chee Cheong Fun is served, it’s time to indulge! :D

pasir pinji chee cheong fun

Look at it… super savory!

To bring this plate of Chee Cheong Fun to life, the flat rice noodles are silky smooth and almost as thin as kuey teow. We’ve tried different types of sauces to go with the noodles and found that it’s best eaten plainly w shallot oil as you truly appreciate the texture of the noodles.

Another delicious combination for those who are not keen with spiciness is to have a combination of shallot oil (as you can see, this is essential), red sweet sauce and loads of sesame!

You can tell it’s REAL GOOD when folks who come from out of town would order more than 10 packs for takeaway – presumably to be brought back home. :D

ipoh pasir pinji chee cheong fun takeaway

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Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun
1456, Jalan Pasir Pinji 5, Pasir Pinji 31650 Ipoh, Perak
Business Hours: Mon-Fri 1300-1600 (except Wed)
GPS Coordinates: 4.5787, 101.0842
Tel: 05-2556951

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