Burger & Lobster, London

Burger & Lobster, London

One of our food adventures (as if we’ve had quite a number of it eh?) in London was at Burger & Lobster. There seemed to be raving reviews about it, hence Shane wanted to try it out during our Trip of a Lifetime in 2015.

After witnessing the overrated Changing of Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace (one of the Top 10 Places to Visit in London), we walked across Green Park to the nearest Burger & Lobster branch.

burger and lobster clarges street

There are several branches in London, and our plan was to check out the one on Clarges Street (near Green Park).

The interior is pretty cozy and yes, it was quite packed when we were there as it was lunch hour. Fortunately we managed to get a table without too long of a waiting time.

burger and lobster diner

So, Burger & Lobster has a very simple and straightforward menu. Beside the list of beverages, there are only 3 mains served – the Burger (duh) , The Lobster (duh), and the Lobster (duh) Roll. All mains costs £20 (RM130) and comes with sides of fries and salad.

What?! RM130 for a main meal? You gotta be kiddin’ me yo!

burger and lobster burger

This is my RM130 Burger flanked with fries and salad.

It’s a beef burger topped with onion, tomato slice, cheese and pickled cucumber…? Gosh, I’m a bad food blogger… just indulge in the photo, can?

burger and lobster burger patty

Yes, a few bites and there goes RM130. I’ve had better burgers at more decent price.

Here’s the other main meal, Shane’s RM130 Lobster – also comes with fries, salad and some sauce.

burger and lobster lobster

What does Shane think about it? Awesome, fresh and succulent! So apparently it’s more worth it to order the lobster as compared to the burger. Well, it makes sense as lobsters ain’t cheap.

But I can’t help it, I’m more of a burger person. Me love burgers!

So yeah, here are the meals for 2 which costs a whoppin’ £40 (RM260). This is the first time I’ve paid such a hefty price for a simple lunch.

burger and lobster meal

Would I come back for more Burger & Lobster? Well, maybe not. I’d rather have Fish and Chips!

Fish and Chips for life!! So, stay tuned! ;)

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