Ipoh Taugeh Chicken at Buntong

Ipoh Taugeh Chicken at Buntong

Ipoh is well-known for its Taugeh Chicken (or also known as Nga Choy Kai in Cantonese) and it’s always a must-eat during an Ipoh Food Trip. As usual, the popular Lou Wong and Onn Kee, both located in the heart of Ipoh town, takes the limelight.

As famous as Taugeh Chicken can be, most of the time, I think it’s overrated. Instead of Lou Wong or Onn Kee, I used to prefer Cowan Street Ayam Tauge. But its quality has deteriorated over the years.

Therefore, whenever I travel back to Ipoh, there’s no serious cravings for Taugeh Chicken.

ipoh taugeh chicken

Of late, I’ve been hearing much about this Taugeh Chicken place, which is nearby my Ipoh home. It’s located in Buntong, an outskirt neighbourhood away from the hustle and bustle of Ipoh town.

They operate within a house that has been converted into a business premise.

ipoh taugeh chicken buntong

Despite being in Buntong, it was rather crowded during dinner hours. Perhaps it’s a favourite spot among the residents staying within the vicinity.

Anyway, this Buntong Taugeh Chicken restaurant looks like it’s a family owned and run business. Well, it’s rather common for traditional businesses in Ipoh.

ipoh ayam tauke buntong

The price here isn’t significantly cheaper than Lou Wong or Onn Kee as it’s quite standard.

ipoh taugeh chicken price

You can order the number of pax accordingly. FYI, we’ll usually order fewer pax versus the actual physical diners as the Taugeh Chicken meal is meant to be a simple, not hearty, meal.

A special chilli sauce will be served first while waiting for the mains.

ipoh taugeh chicken sauce

If you’re not familiar with a Taugeh Chicken meal, it comes in 3 dishes – the bean sprout, poached chicken, and flat rice noodles (hor fun in Cantonese) or sometimes rice.

Oh by the way, there’s always a saying that the bean sprouts in Ipoh is much fatter and juicier due to the water from the Ipoh limestone hills.

ipoh bean sprout

I’m not sure if it’s fact, but the bean sprouts here don’t look THAT fat and juicy anyway.

The poached chicken slices taste quite similar to the chickens from other Taugeh Chicken restaurants. The flat rice noodles taste bland as it’s pretty much an accompanying dish.

ipoh taugeh chicken food

Well, despite the good recommendations, I still find Taugeh Chicken (in general) an overrated meal in Ipoh. Come on guys, it’s just chicken and bean sprouts – how unique or special can it be?

Nevertheless, I find dining at Buntong Taugeh Chicken is more chilled and relaxed – unlike the busy and crowded environment at Lou Wong or Onn Kee. Customers here are mainly local Ipohans and that provides the comfortable feeling of dining dine here.

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Restaurant Ayam Tauke (Buntong Taugeh Chicken)
849, Jalan Guntong, Buntong, Ipoh, Perak
Business Hours: Daily 1800 onward (except Tue)
GPS Coordinates: 4.5933, 101.0648
Tel: 05-2557469 / 012-5787251

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  1. This stall is run by the “original” Lou Wong’s daughter which is one of the better chicken rice in Ipoh. They sold the branding to the now Lou Wong. Both Lou Wong and Ong Kee is for tourists whom know nuts about the real deal chicken rice and keep saying yummy!yummy!yummy! Sad life!

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