5 Important Pre-Vacation Home Repairs

5 Important Pre-Vacation Home Repairs

I love to travel, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s local or overseas. Having the opportunity to explore another city is always fascinating, especially when traveling to London. ;)

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I just love the planning process, the anticipation, and the feeling of total relaxation as I leave ‘reality’ behind.

But after a few days, I start to worry again. Is everything alright at home? Did my house get broken into?

Will I come home to a flooded floor… and find a duck swimming around?

gray duck

How can?! O.o

Okay, jokes aside – if you really want a completely relaxing holiday, then it’s important to make sure everything is taken care of at home. That means no ducks nasty surprises when you open the door two weeks later.

So before your next vacation, see whether you can make these home checks and repairs (if necessary):

Check all doors and windows for repairs

You don’t want to come home to a burgled house, right? Don’t leave your house before making sure the doors and windows are working properly.

home door handle

Make sure all the grilles, doors, and windows are free of weak or loose handles, rusting joints, or rotting wood. All these make it easier for bad guys to get in. Allocate enough time to call a handyman in case major repairs are needed.

Water is your enemy

Unexpected water leaks are the enemy of any house. Before you go, check your shower hoses, kitchen sinks, bathroom taps, and all other pipes for signs of leaks. A routine check is cheaper than losing your furniture and electronics to water damage.

home toilet flush

If there are any, find a good plumber to seal or replace them.

Stop pests from invading your home

Nobody wants rats, stray cats, or wild squirrels in their home. The easiest way for them to get in is through a cracked drain cover, or under the doors.

home floor trap

So it’s best to repair any loose drain cover (or put something heavy on them), and if any of your wooden doors are rotting at the bottom, get them replaced right away.

Another entry point can also be broken roof tiles.

Prevent Leaks When Raining

The next time it rains, listen for the dripping sound that signals a leaking roof and fix it before your vacation. Without anyone to clean up, that drip could ruin your false ceiling or wall paint.

home ceiling leak

That was what I experienced recently when I ignored the water dripping at home. :(

Rain can also get in through worn out window seals. If you have casement windows or sliding doors on your balcony, ask a handyman to check that water can’t get past the seal and flow down the inside of your windows.

Check electrical wiring

To prevent electrical fires, make sure all appliances are switched off before you leave. But if you have to leave some things on, such as the fridge or outdoor lights, you should check for any exposed or frayed wiring and dusty electronics that could overheat and catch fire.

home electric box

You should also check your circuit breakers by pressing the “reset” button at your fuse box. If the power cuts out, you’re good. Better yet, ask a recommended electrician to conduct a quick check of your entire home.

Worry-free holiday, here I come!

Whether you are going to be away for a few days or a few weeks, it’s always a good idea to run through the checklist above. Ultimately, it should be a care-free vacation!

switzerland jungfraujoch

Yes, that was the feeling when I was having the time of my life at the Top of Europe… Jungfraujoch at Swiss Alps!

So if you need professional help to make any repairs, get recommendations at RecomN.com. They have hundreds of highly-experienced handyman contractors to improve your home and home security.

Have a great vacation! :D

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