Ipoh Peanut Candy at Ming Yue Confectionery

Ipoh Peanut Candy at Ming Yue Confectionery

Another famous Ipoh snack has got to be the Peanut Candy (or Peanut Brittle for the atas English) at Ming Yue Confectionery. It’s one of the top MUST-HAVE snacks while you’re on an Ipoh Food Trip.

ipoh ming yue confectionery

Ming Yue Confectionery is located in Pasir Pinji, where the famous Ipoh Big Tree Foot at.

Ming Yue Confectionery is well-known for its fragrant peanut candy and there’s usually a long queue for it. You have to be really early to avoid the long wait. The production frequency is usually every 30-45 minutes for 2 large bags of freshly baked candies.

If you’re waiting behind a customer who’s going to purchase in bulk, you’ll most likely have to wait for the next batch.

ipoh ming yue peanut candy

Here’s how the glorious peanut candy look like! Its crunchy texture is quite addictive.

The peanut candy is sold in multiples of 100 grams. The price is listed on the left of the photo below – RM2.80 for every 100 gram.

ipoh ming yue peanut candy price

If you look carefully, they don’t have the “buy more, better discount” policy here. So it’s pretty much depending on how much you’d like to consume. ;)

Besides the peanut candy, there are other pastries and confectioneries available, such as kaya puff, mooncakes (only available during Mooncake Festival), salted egg puff and many more.

As for the kaya puff, Sin Eng Heong would be my preferred option.

ipoh ming yue pasir pinji

So if you’re nearby Pasir Pinji or if you’ve just had your lunch at Ipoh Big Tree Foot, swing by Ming Yue (it’s literally just around the corner) for some delicious Ipoh snacks. :D

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Ming Yue Confectionery
Jalan Peh Kee Koh, Pasir Pinji 31650 Ipoh, Perak
Business Hours: Daily 0830-1730
GPS Coordinates: 4.5824, 101.0871
Tel: 05-2554128

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  1. Would love to try them all. Most important to have a local in the know for the best in the city. Otherwise, will end up buying at the malls, usually all not nice at all.

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