Ipoh Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant

Ipoh Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant

This Chinese restaurant IS the best restaurant in town for Chinese cuisine. It’s my family’s (and also many other families out there) all-time favourite restaurant to dine in for special occasions…

…and also for casual meals too lah! :)

ipoh pusing public seafood restaurant

Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant (or also referred to as “Man Jung” in Cantonese) is well-known for its delicious food choices, and it’s also one of the preferred choices to host wedding dinners in Ipoh. Despite being a conventional restaurant (unlike modern hotel ballrooms with red carpet, permanent stage, etc), the exceptional food quality definitely make up for it.

Located at the heart of Ipoh town, it’s within driving distance from other famous Ipoh food in town.

ipoh pusing public address

It’s situated at the corner of Horley and Veerasamy streets, and there are ample parking spaces surrounding the restaurant.

I’m usually not good at ordering in Cantonese because I know nuts about Chinese cuisine and how to pronounce them… until recently where I started to familiarise myself with the types of available choices.

I can now order dishes like… fu yong tan, leng mong gai, gu lou yuk, yada yada. Heh!

ipoh pusing public order

Here’s how a list of orders is written in Mandarin by the waitress. I have totally no idea how to read them. ;)

Anyway, here are some Chinese cuisines we ordered during our recent lunch.

ipoh pusing public cod fish

This is our favourite dish, and it’s ALWAYS on our to-order list whenever we’re dining there. This deep-dried cod fish with soy sauce is crunchy on the outside yet tender on the inside.

A must-have recommendation if you’re visiting!

ipoh pusing public roufu

Beancurd with assorted vegetables.

ipoh pusing public vegetable

There are a variety of vegetables to order from. Here’s one of it… absolutely clueless of what it’s called. #notafoodblogger

ipoh pusing public chicken

Deep-fried lemon chicken with fried onion rings.

ipoh pusing public fried rice

We usually have white rice during our meal, but if we didn’t there’ll be a plate of fried rice as well.

That’s it! Note that it’s quite high-end when it comes to the price. Credit cards are accepted!

By the way, for your information, it’s exactly the restaurant we hosted our wedding dinner in Ipoh. Great service! :)

Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
57-65, Jalan Veerasamy 30300, Ipoh Perak
Business Hours: Daily 1200-1430, 1800-2130
GPS Coordinates: 4.5986, 101.0828
Tel: 05-2533428

ipoh pusing public seafood restaurant

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  1. Glad to read your blog, disappointed with hawker stuff here, went to this restaurant you featured, really great food value for money! Ate there 3 times already, all the recommended dishes featured here, saving grace for my trip here, many thanks!

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