Chill Weekend at Singapore

Chill Weekend at Singapore

Singapore is a country that I frequently visit – well, because it’s one of the neighbouring places to Malaysia. And on top of that, it’s always fun and hassle free during a trip to Singapore.

On our recent outing to the Lion City, our main objective was to have a relaxed weekend. Compared to our previous trip where we watched the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix and had fixed schedules, our itinerary this time was pretty much free and easy.

air flight blue sky

It was one of the best decisions as we roam around the country in search for interesting places of interest and fun food (I refrain from saying “good food” because once again, I make a bad food blogger) heh. ;)

Anyway, let the weekend begin!

changi airport welcome

We arrived Changi Airport on a beautiful Saturday morning and the first thing we did was – naturally in this age and time…

…to get ourselves local SIM Cards… to, well, get online so that we can make our friends and family members super jealous that they’re not in Singapore with us.

singapore m1 sim card

Social media, thank you for making our life cooler than ever! Oh, also to Instagram for the filters and editing features that make my photos amazing. :D

Anyway, one of the places we strolled around was the famous Bukit Timah Railway Station and Bridge.

singapore bukit timah

It’s a steel truss bridge that stretches across Bukit Timah Road. Certain railway tracks that were used before the KTM train services were discontinued remain there.

Even though the railway tracks are no longer used, it’s still a sentimental reminiscence of Singapore’s railway heritage.

singapore bukit timah railway

Today, the railway tracks are well-known as a great spot for photography. You’ll see people (especially tourists, I’m sure) roaming around the tracks and posing for various shots.

Another destination for sightseeing was the Rochor Centre. It’s a group of buildings at Rochor Road that was built and completed in 1977 to house Singapore’s increasing population.

singapore rochor centre

Located at the business district of Bugis, Rochor Centre has an interesting impression of urban landscape due to its colorful facade. Each block is painted in different bright colours with gradient effect.

We were lucky to be able to access the vicinity then as I believe the entire building is now barricaded from the public to make way for demolition works.

Besides structural views, we also took the opportunity to visit one of the parks in Singapore.

singapore macritchie park

This time, it was the MacRitchie Reservoir Park. Since we were there to chill and eat, we wanted to balance things up by going for a morning stroll. Healthy lifestyle, right? ;)

We woke up pretty early on Sunday and left for MacRitchie Park after a quick breakfast nearby. We did our homework and booked one of the Singapore Hotels on Traveloka that is fairly near to the park.

singapore macritchie park treetop walk

The whole hiking distance was 7km and we completed wandering in the nature in about 1 hour and 40 minutes. The key highlight of the trail was the aerial free standing suspension bridge, the TreeTop Walk.

It was quite breathtaking, yet nerve-wreaking at the same time, as we carefully inched across the suspension bridge. I’m glad we made it out alive. Yes, sweaty and all, but fulfilling. :)

Anyway, besides sightseeing, we’ve been to a few food places recommended by Singaporean acquaintances online. It’s always ideal to know the local’s preferences so that we can be like one.

singapore hatched

So… we were at Hatched! It’s located along Holland Ave and it’s one of the recommended cafes for egg lovers – like me! They even have a menu labeled “Catalog of Eggs”.

Our hungry souls (or stomach, to be exact) ordered the meals and these were what we had…

singapore hatched food

Eggs galore! If you know me well, you would’ve known that I usually couple eggs with something western. After all, I’m an English man stuck in an Asian body eh?

“I’ll have a beef burger with fries, please.”

It was definitely a hearty meal to kickstart the day in Singapore.

Besides that, we also visited Yoogane at Bugis Junction for another meal – a cheesy one!

singapore yoogane

We ordered the Cheese Chicken Galbi – Yoogane’s unique spicy sauce marinated with tender chicken meat and fresh vegetables, surrounded by a layer of melted cheese for that extra oomph!

Mixing spicy food with cheese was something new to me. It was definitely a unique flavour, and I’d give it another try if it wasn’t that costly – about SGD60 (RM190!!). Well, THAT is costly!

Anyway, to cool down the spiciness, KOI Café is apparently a go-to place in Singapore for the famous bubble tea.

singapore koi bubble tea

In fact, we had KOI bubble tea a couple of times (maybe twice) when were in Singapore. You know, to quench our thirst since it’s a hot and humid country – similar to Malaysia.

So there you go, a superbly chilled weekend at Singapore which I wish to have again sometime soon. Well, maybe fewer jump shots because from my Instagram account (@kenwooi – follow yeah!), it looks like I went to Singapore… just to jump around.

But hey, it’s a workout too, right? So…

singapore jump shot

…I change my mind then. To more jump shots because it’s cooler than selfies! ;)

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  1. Oh i just went to singapore too! Last sunday. But to visit relatives. Berhari raya! Hihi.

    All of the places u mentioned.. i never got the chance to go yet. Perhaps next time i can refer to this post when i plan to jalan² over there. Tq!

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