3 Sentosa Attractions of All Time

3 Sentosa Attractions of All Time

Who says playgrounds are just for kids? Sentosa proves it wrong. Branded as the state of fun, Sentosa is a mecca showcasing irresistible landmarks exclusively available for kids and adults alike. Below are just three among the best Sentosa attractions that would surely hit your vacation goals.

Royal Albatross Tall Ship

Once featured as Bruce Wayne’s private yacht in the Dark Knight movie, Royal Albatross is among the most alluring sites in Sentosa. This luxurious floating bar and restaurant stuns guests with its incomparable service and state-of-the-art ambiance which vows a bragging fantastic voyage and adventure. This historic tall ship promises a unique dining venue, offering delectable signature menus and refreshing cocktails while relishing the attention-grabbing melody of exclusive live entertainment.

It’s as well best recognized from a distance with its pirate ship-like masts towering some 21-meters above sea level. Enjoy that picture-perfect moment as you celebrate gazing Singapore’s panoramic view. Grab that privilege in its enthralling Sunset Sail which can instantly set an eluding movie-like experience one has been greatly wishing for.

Trick Eye Museum

Barge in the world of trickery and deception and boggle other’s mind in spotting what’s real from unreal in Singapore’s 4D museum. Trick Eye Museum is an internationally renowned optical art museum which features realistic illusions which is far-fetched from the old-fashioned artwork galleries that follow a “no touch” policy. Its 6 impressing zones can leave you hanging in the mystical world of hoaxing illusion. Get ready to unravel the unveiled enigma and drown in a magical experience inside its “World of Masterpiece”.

Intensify and unleash your playful side in its zone of “Excitement”. Start overcoming your fears in paranormal activities as you try the spooky sphere of “Supernatural” or enjoy to become an archon of your own romantic “Fairy Tale”. Make every dream come true as you indulge in the realms of “Fantasy” and do what’s impossible inside the thrilling “Trick World”. An instant upload is a guarantee since it’s free Wi-Fi equipped zone. This is indeed where great photo experience awaits!

S.E.A. Aquarium

There’s a lot to see in the sea! Noted as the largest aquarium in the world, S.E.A. Aquarium is an enchanted marine world situated within Resorts World Sentosa. This destination is a homage to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species across 50 different habitats, giving a good peek into the oceanic realm.

Take pleasure in trekking the cavernous ocean floor in its spotless massive glass panels, staggeringly holding back 45 million liters of water where wonderful sea creatures swim with pleasure. This colossal glasshouse also offers a dynamic stay in its unique sleepover chronicle as you doze off underwater in their famous “Ocean Dreams”. Indulging in its Ocean restaurant is equally in for a remarkable aquatic dining while glaring at the stars of the sea.

Vacation is best enjoyed when spent in a worth staying spot. Rest assured, Sentosa attractions are among best picks.

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