Ipoh Taugeh Chicken at Buntong

Ipoh is well-known for its Taugeh Chicken (or also known as Nga Choy Kai in Cantonese) and it’s always a must-eat during an Ipoh Food Trip. As usual, the popular Lou Wong and Onn Kee, both located in the heart of Ipoh town, takes the limelight.

As famous as Taugeh Chicken can be, most of the time, I think it’s overrated. Instead of Lou Wong or Onn Kee, I used to prefer Cowan Street Ayam Tauge. But its quality has deteriorated over the years.

Therefore, whenever I travel back to Ipoh, there’s no serious cravings for Taugeh Chicken.

ipoh taugeh chicken

Of late, I’ve been hearing much about this Taugeh Chicken place, which is nearby my Ipoh home. It’s located in Buntong, an outskirt neighbourhood away from the hustle and bustle of Ipoh town.

5 Important Pre-Vacation Home Repairs

I love to travel, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s local or overseas. Having the opportunity to explore another city is always fascinating, especially when traveling to London. ;)

travel blue sky

I just love the planning process, the anticipation, and the feeling of total relaxation as I leave ‘reality’ behind.

But after a few days, I start to worry again. Is everything alright at home? Did my house get broken into?

Best Fish and Chips in London

Besides the amazing places to visit in London, one cannot deny that London is also famously known for its fish and chips.

I’d say it’s a must to have one meal of fish and chips for anyone who is visiting London, regardless of how short the trip is. If you only have ONE meal in London, it has got to be fish and chips. Nothing else. Period.

london fish and chips

During our not-so-recent Trip of a Lifetime (almost a year ago), Shane and I decided that we’d go on a fish and chips hunt for the best one in London.