7 Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Ernest Zacharevic

Ipoh, my beloved hometown, is usually known for its heritage and good food. And maybe pretty girls – that’s just about it.

But now, there’s a new attraction in town, called the “Art of Oldtown“, which is the latest collection of Ipoh Wall Art Murals by Ernest Zacharevic, the same man who painted murals on walls along the streets of Penang’s Georgetown.

ipoh old town

There are currently 7 spotsĀ around Ipoh Old Town. Therefore, during my recent trip back, I’ve decided to scoutĀ for the locations of the murals.

Drawing My Sister Like A Pro

My sister is currently in her prime “teenage” years, and it’s no denying that she’s getting quite a fair bit of attention from the opposite gender.

So recently, she shared some sketches (of her) done by one of her admirers. Young boys these days are rather direct and daring.

portrait sketch

I honestly think that his sketches are really good, and I certainly hope it wasn’t generated by some mobile app.

But I thought to myself, I can actually draw my sister too. Heck, how can I doubt my own artistic ability, right? In fact, I’m a PRO!

Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet, Frontera Sol of Mexico

The fasting season is here again, where our Muslim friends will be fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to dusk. But breaking fast here in Malaysia, we’re known to embrace it as a nation.

frontera sol of mexico

Just recently, I had the opportunity to try the Tex-Mex Ramadhan Buffet by Frontera Sol of Mexico at Jaya One.