Life’s Brief Coffee by William Shakespeare

On the Great Britain Tour with Expat Explore, Day 6 brought us to to Stratford-upon-Avon. It is a popular tourist destination due to it being the birthplace of the famous poet, William Shakespeare.

Home to theatre, literature and more historical stuff, we got a walking tour around the town and also to Shakespeare’s grave in a local church.

shakespeare birthplace trust

There are numerous Shakespeare-related attractions and historical attractions to be visited here in the town.

5 Things You’re Probably Wasting Your Money On

I may not be completely wise with my financial management, but I strongly believe in spending prudently. Hence, basic finances are focused to ensure a sustainable lifestyle.

It’s not easy to earn nowadays – I bet you know that by now. As prices go up on a rapid basis, our income doesn’t seem to have that similar momentum.

money talk

And that’s when we hear phrases such as, “I don’t have enough money, it’s the government’s fault!” or “My company is not paying me good enough”.

5 Highlights of My 2014

There’s something about time going faster as we get older.

Now I’m NOT that old to begin with, but that’s how I felt when reflecting upon this very year.

digital 2014

They say that unique milestones make a certain time frame more memorable because iconic moments usually stand out in our mind. That’s how our memories work – they represent time.

As for my 2014, the year has a mix of both mundane and exciting moments. Even though majority of the moments were “mundane” (well, it relates to my professional life), my personal experiences were the more exciting ones.