Merry XXXMas!

As we end the year of 2013, have yourself a…

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Merry XXXMas!

Takeaway Lunch

Besides the much-preached-about breakfast, lunch is also a very important meal of the day. It gives you the boost throughout the afternoon so that you can stay energized to do whatever you need to do.

Now, lunch is probably the most anticipated time of the day when you’re at work. That’s the only time where you can take a proper break, at least an hour or so, from the desk and hang out with the colleagues at a nearby eatery.

lunch time plate

During lunch, bonding between the colleagues usually take place when casual topics are discussed. In contrast, work is usually not a conducive environment to personally interact with a fellow colleague.

In fact, being able to have group lunch away from the office shows that employees are well taken care off. Well, majority.

Visit Seoul: 6D5N Travel Itinerary

Traveling to Seoul was one of the exciting journeys I experienced this year in 2013.

When we decided to book the flight approximately 2 months before the trip, it was understood that this would be a self-planned trip to Seoul.

korea travel itinerary

Joining a local tour wasn’t feasible, and therefore a travel itinerary had to be prepared.