3 Best 3-Star Hotels in Cameron Highlands For Comfortable Stay

Cameron Highlands has been dedicated as a perfect place to rest and relax. It’s located on Titiwangsa Range at about 1,500 meters above the sea level, making the temperature cold which then enables the growth of fertile and lush greenery.

cameron highlands casa dela rosa hotel

Therefore, a cool and comfortable Trip to Cameron Highlands is always the purpose people look for at Cameron Highlands. Besides the comfortable weather, the hotels there also play a role in providing comfort. It’s important to stay at hotels that gives you best value for comfort.

Ipoh Pasir Pinji Chee Cheong Fun

Another must-try during an Ipoh Food Trip has to be this home-based Chee Cheong Fun at Pasir Pinji.

ipoh pasir pinji chee cheong fun

Located along a secluded road at Pasir Pinji, this hideout requires some accurate navigation to get here. If you’re at Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot, it’s good to spare some tummy space to savour this delicious Chee Cheong Fun.

Ipoh Famous Yong Tau Foo at Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot

It is said that no Food Trip to Ipoh is complete without eating the famous Big Tree Foot (Dai Shu Geok in Cantonese) at Pasir Pinji.

Always packed during lunch hours, this eatery in Ipoh is well-known for its fried fritters and dry curry noodles.

ipoh big tree foot

In fact, I usually have at least one lunch at Pasir Pinji Big Tree Foot whenever I’m back in Ipoh.