Autumn in UK

Back in November 2013, I flew to the United Kingdom. Although it’s my second time there, I still had the exact anxiety and excitement experienced during my first Europe trip back in 2009.

UK has a special spot in my heart. I love being there, and I always look forward to being there. It’s by far my favourite place on Earth.

standing on yellow leaves

It was towards the end of the Autumn season when I was there. The weather was chilling cold and even though I don’t fancy being in an “open-air freezer”, there were no regrets being there.

Visit Thailand: Phuket & Krabi 6D5N Travel Budget

It’s always my commitment to ensure that there’s a budget for any traveling trip. Personally, I like managing money. Heh. ;)

So here’s one for my recent Phuket-Krabi trip.

thai baht

To be honest, I didn’t have a solid budget to begin with. Although I tried to estimate the expenses needed at both Phuket and Krabi, there were possible unpredictable scenarios that we’ve prepared for.

Visit Thailand: Patong Beach & Bangla Road

Patong is well-known as Phuket’s main tourist attraction and also the center of Phuket’s nightlife. Sounds exciting, right?

During our Phuket-Krabi trip, Patong was the second and last destination before heading home to Malaysia.

phuket patong

After spending 2 nights at Krabi, we traveled to Phuket Island via the Ao Nang Princess ferry ride across the Andaman Sea.

Once we arrived at Rassada Pier, Phuket’s main port for ferry trips, we got a complimentary drop-off at Seven Seas Hotel, our hotel at Patong.