7D6N Great Britain Tour with Expat Explore

We Discover, You Explore – The tagline used by Expat Explore, the tour agency we took to explore 3 countries within Great Britain during our recent trip to the UK back in November 2013.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of joining tours while traveling as I prefer to plan an itinerary by myself. But since it was already booked, I just follow lah. ;)

expat explore

Anyway, it’s a 7D6N tour that travels to cities in England, Scotland and Wales, the 3 countries that make Great Britain a great place to visit. ;)

Twice To London

I love London. I love being there. It’s my favourite place to visit on Earth, and I’ll never get tired of the city even though I’ve only visited London for the second time back in November 2013.

Once in London, you don’t have to go far to experience the prime British lifestyle. In fact, there are many places of interest in London itself.

london souvenir

Known for the red double-decker bus, black taxi cab, and several landmarks, London is located just south of Hatfield, the small town where we stayed at the beginning of the visit.

We traveled down to London via the train on one of the days to escape from the mundane Hatfield environment.

The Smarter Smartphone Choice

In today’s generation, smartphones are essential in our daily routine. According to a statistic, smartphone users will never be more than 2 hours away from their smartphone in a single day.

In a nutshell, smartphones are so important for us to keep connected our with friends and family.

samsung galaxy s4 box

For me, I got my first ever smartphone about a year ago during my 25th birthday and it has totally enriched my life with the variety of apps. ;)