Impressive INTIBALL

Gentlemen, prepare your favourite outfit! Ladies, get dressed and make up! Gel for the men's hair, fragrance for the ladies. All ready and straight to Bukit Bintang!

Yes, you guessed so! It's all about INTIBALL 2008, or also known as INTI's Ball! This event was organized by none other than the 12th INTIMA of INTI-UC.

INTI International University College's most anticipated event finally took place right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur on the 5th of July. Surrounded by areas of attraction such as The Pavilion, Rum Jungle and Planet Hollywood, the location of Hotel Istana was just so right!

Hotel Istana: Very Important Place (VIP).

The scenery in the hotel was simply distinctive. Undeniably elegant and stylish that I wished that hotel was mine. *grin* The interior design suited the atmosphere of the venue and the chandeliers were really impressive.

The ballroom's lobby.

Outside the ballroom.

Grand Makhota Ballroom was the night's ballroom. We had 59 tables all together, including 5 VIP tables. Initially it was 55 tables but due to high demands, we added another 4 tables.

Scene inside the ballroom.

The lightings' dimness was just right for the night. Notice the huge chandelier above the VVIP table? Fortunately it didn't crash down.

Also, each table was well decorated too.

Tissue Towers.

Crystal Candles.

As usual, it started off with boring speeches by almighty VIPs of the night, Mr. Justin Joel (INTIBALL 2008 Organizing Chairperson), Mr. Calvin Chung (12th INTIMA President) and Mr. Lee Fah Onn (INTI-UC President). After that, the emcees invited Mr. OC and Mr. INTI-UC President on stage to officiate the event by doing an act called pour-sparkling-juice-onto-stacked-glasses. I don't really know what that maneuver was called. Can anyone tell me? Thanks in advance!

The pour-sparkling-juice-onto-stacked-glasses act.

Before the first dish was served, there was an opening ceremony for the food too. A man cycling a trishaw and a lady sitting next to him entered the ballroom and went all the way to the VVIP table to serve the opening dish of the night.

The lady served a dish of cigarettes.

No wonder the plate is so smoky. The Cina man looks like a smoker to me. Hmm...

Anyway, to enliven the night, we had several performances prepared for the people there (even though they were too engrossed with their food). It started off with a few swift and speedy pieces by the harmonica group, Ozalis Harmonica Ensemble. I only remembered that they played Canon with the O2jam Canon music.

Ozalis Harmonica Ensemble in action.

Then we had our very own concert band, INTI Concert Band or normally known as ICB. The pieces played by ICB were My Heart Will Go on (from the movie Titanic), The Eagles in Concert (I think I saw an eagle was performing with them) and Mambo No. 5 (Lou Bega was there too, NOT!).

ICB conducted by Lee Chou, the chairperson.

We had 2 bands (bands with electronic guitars and drums, not another concert band) performances too. The 1st band played To Love You More (by Celine Dion) featuring violin solo, Iris (by Goo Goo Dolls) and an Italian song (don't know the title). The 2nd band was 4 Quarter Sinners. One of the songs they performed was Always Be My Baby (by David Cook).

Also, a performance by Ting Wei Wei. He played the keyboard and sang a medley of well-known songs. The only song I remembered was by Westlife, the Queen of My Heart.

Performance by Wei Wei.

Besides the musical performances, we also had the Prom King & Queen finalists to amuse the crowd. We had 10 candidates for the night, 5 of each gender. As usual, we paired them up.

The potential Porn Prom Kings & Queens.

They did the fashion show, some proposing sketch with weird objects (I love the 100 Plus proposal!), Question and Answer session and dancing session.

100 Plus Proposal.

They were judged mainly by Dr. Lee, Dr. Sia and Mr. Danny. Each table had their chance of voting for their favourite Prom King & Queen too. And the result?

April & Mishal.

Yeap, they're the INTIBALL 2008 Prom King & Prom Queen! After the announcement, I managed to interview them.
  • Ken: How do you feel about being Prom King & Queen?
  • Mishal: Ni gei wo gun chu ci! Bu yao fa mong!
  • April: I hate July.
Guess they just dislike me. *sobs*

Next, the highlight of the night: the Dance Session. As usual, couples make their way to the dance floor with their beloved partners. Accompanied by melodious music, couples started dancing in slow circular (round and round and round) movements until some of them became dizzy and fainted.

There were sweet moments during the dance session.

Justin Joel & Sarah.

Mr. and Ms. Organizing Chairperson. =)

Justin Lim & Joyce.

Not Mr. and Ms. Organizing Chairperson.

Notice that both of the guys are called Justin.

And there were some weird moments too.

Derrick & Wei Chun.

Look at them smiling so gleefully. *gay*

Delia & Julianne.

So matching! *les*

The night ended with everyone going to The Maison for an after-party thingy. And that's all for INTIBALL 2008.

Before I end, here's a message from Mr. OC, Justin Joel Thomas:

"Thank you everyone for your support!"


  1. O.O
    eh!!!i am not a lesbian!

  2. cheh...I aso not...but tat picture looks cute...especially the one wif lin n titita duno doin wat...^^

  3. hate is a rather strong word yah?

    must've been some great imaginary interview tho ken


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