I Got A New Girlfriend!

I Got A New Girlfriend!

If you’ve been following my blog since March 2009, you would probably know (if you still remember) that I got a new life partner – Geetha the Guitar.

We really had a great time. I strum her strings all the time and when we’re doing it, the sound she makes is so arousing. She is just amazing!

But one day, when I came back from class, Geetha wasn’t in her case clothes! She must be totally nude. Where could she be?

So I went up to the room and to my horror, I saw Geetha…

guitar love 1

with Mr. Kapok doing it – in guitar missionary style…

guitar love 2

then guitar doggie style!

guitar love 3

After all those “plucking” and “strumming”, they cuddle in bed intimately! That’s an outrageous guitar sex!

What the F&^(*@$!#K !!????

We broke up immediately and Geetha went on with Mr. Kapok. Maybe his “strumming” is better than mine. =(

But guess what – a great thing happened right after that – I found myself another new life partner!

She has soft smooth skin. Slim and sexy. And she loves to eat Apple!

Introducing: Meg!



Look at Meg posing sexily on my sofa – with her vibrant smile.

She has nice body too! Check her out!

macbook keyboard

Very delicate and attractive!

Okay, I’m gonna play with her now – starting with the nipples buttons!

macbook touch

Wow her responses to my “strokes” are so WOW!

I love you, Meg! =D

98 thoughts on “I Got A New Girlfriend!

  1. Wow nice gf loh, I can only touch a Macbook but not own one.

    WRT the comments, have you checked out JS-kit before? I like it very much because it's very easy for me to reply to commentors and also for commentors to post. Some more got so many emoticons XD

  2. wootz.. i got so many life partner nowadays =)
    But i dont have one :(
    mind to ask geetha to do it with kapak for another one for me?

  3. you loose one and then you gain another one..we give and take…that's what life is..hehe..congratz anyway!

  4. Ooi…dont hamsup ur mac too much, must control tau? haha

    *if u dowan ur guitar divorce and give me la :P

  5. congratulations! U bought with ur own money!? Hahaha! And I think you should change. find one without having the need to pay monthly, just pay one year. It's cheaper!

  6. hey geetha is missing!
    u must be the 1 who abducted her eventhough u have MEG as ur new GF, because u couldn't stand seeing her with Kapok.. so now u have two girlfriends..
    Faster release GEETHA!!

  7. Oh goshh. HAHAH.

    What's with guys with naming their things? TALK ABOUT POSESSIVE! :O

    I can't imagine what people would have thought had they walked in on you arranging.. Mr Kapok and Geetha in their positions.


  8. Gosh… Doggie style lagi tu. Haha…
    Hi, Meg! Would u come out with me for a date?
    Damn… Like ur Meg, man!

  9. Wow! You new girlfriend is very flat huh! :D hahahaha. The saying is never truer than now right? When God closes one door, he opens another for you. In this case…He gave your this Mac! ;)

  10. I comment so many times already…
    ha..Ha..on sometimes on twitter, sometimes shoutmix, this time no obstruction at all to comment!

  11. Err…with geetha n meg staying in the same house, u not afraid of third world war a?

    Meg is ur life partner a? means that you can't divorce w 'her' so cincai lor…can't change in future o…

    …but I think u can upgrade to better/newer Meg in future time, need to keep trim and fit what…lol…

  12. I had a Kapok once too… It disintegrated and broke into pieces! Storeroom too damp! Hahahahaha!!! Ah!!! New laptop! So you put Meg on your lap and you press ENTER, ENTER, ENTER??? LOL!!!

  13. Sure you can play guitar? Man/guy/boy who know how to play guitar look very yau yeng one!! hahahahah`~~~~

    And romantic toooo..heheh~ so u are one of them? wakakak~

  14. :D ur meg is so cute! *typical geek here* too bad my PeeCee doesn't respond as well, urs is slim, pure and cool XD.

  15. Ken.. Why not you get back with her?
    I really dont know what has happened between you guys, but love is true. No regret to get it back.

  16. Yeah U shud dump that old chunky DELLa of urs for this Meg ages ago.. Meg loves apples, that is a healthier choice compared to ur ex that usually feed on those Micro-worms and soft dunks.. Welcome to the world :)

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