Train to Jungfraujoch at Swiss Alps

During our Trip of a Lifetime, Switzerland was the second destination on the Europe Taster Tour with Expat Explore.

After 2 days in Paris, we departed to the Swiss Alps, or Jungfrau region to be exact, where we spent the third and fourth day of the tour at.

It was our first time being in the land with quirky laws.

switzerland swiss flag

Here are a couple of wacky laws in Switzerland…

  1. A man can’t pee while standing up after 10pm. Also, flushing the toilet is not allowed after 10pm.
  2. It is illegal to ski down a mountain while reciting poetry.
  3. Clothes may not be hung to dry on Sunday.

Yeah, madness eh?

Top 7 Places to Visit in Paris

On the second day of the Europe Taster Tour with Expat Explore, we had a free day in Paris, the capital of France.

I’ve been to Paris about 6 years ago, and still vividly remember the experience. This time, our Trip of a Lifetime brought me here again.

Hence, moving about Paris would be a walk in the park for me. ;)

france direction

Paris is the first destination of the tour after departing from London. The journey to Paris took about 8 hours via coach.

7D6N Europe Taster Tour with Expat Explore

As I’ve been to London several times, it’s always a dream to travel to more European countries.

And you know what – I managed to visit 5 additional European countries with Expat Explore during my Trip of a Lifetime!

Well, I’m usually not keen of joining travel tours but since I had a good experience with Expat Explore on my first tour with them, the Great Britain Tour in 2013, I’ve decided to purchase another tour – the Europe Taster Tour.

expat explore bus

Furthermore, since a few countries are involved, I’d rather save myself from any logistics headache. ;)

The Europe Taster Tour is a 7D6N tour that travels to 5 cities in France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium respectively.

Quick Review: Europe Taster Tour by Expat Explore brings travelers to beautiful European destinations such as Paris, Swiss Alps, Rhine Valley, Amsterdam, and Bruges. Explore exciting experiences such as canal cruises and a train ride to the Top of Europe! The accommodations provided are simple yet comfortable, and the tour guides really knowledgeable. Normal rate costs £699 (RM4,473) but it can go as low as £429 (RM2,745) for early birds.

Rate as of October 2015 was RM6.40 for £1.