Trip of a Lifetime!

Since my last trip to Europe in 2013, I didn’t expect myself to travel that far again anytime soon. The idea seemed a little far-fetched.

But hey, guess what… I’ve just traveled to Europe, again, with first timer – Shane!

sky when flying

Believe it or not, the trip has been locked down since January 2015. That’s like 10 months before the trip! But that gave us ample planning time. More on that later yeah. ;)

We’ve been counting down the days ever since. First, the it was 3 digits, then 2 digits… and finally, 9 days left!

5 Ways to be Financially Disciplined

In our current world where the economic outlook has various indications stating that it’s on a great decline, many of us will turn worried… and every worse, turn mental.

With the continuous inflation, consumers are looking for ways to overcome this predicament – but how?

chasing money

The unfortunate scenario that the majority of us face is that despite the bad economy sentiment, we’re still not discipline with our financial capabilities.

5 Things I Love About Malaysia

Malaysia is the best, here’s why!

1) The variety of multi-cultural food because it fulfills 1 of the 7 deadly sins – Gluttony.

banana leaf rice

It makes us consume food that don’t do any good to the body except to tease our taste-buds. They eventually turn into fats within the body.

Therefore, it creates the need to exercise more often to stay fit and healthy. That’s why I run frequently.