No, not Perodua Viva.

It's about my Double-Module Project Presentation - VIVA - and it's tomorrow! By the way, for us, it's not pronounced as Vee-Va, it's Why-Va!

Frankly, I don't know why it's called like that.

I've been working on my system and project documentation these days. Not much time spent online, excluding researches of project-related stuffs - and a little Facebook, I admit.

project work messy

Amendments of previous phase reports, changes of diagrams and documentation compilation were the tasks I'm required to finish up by tomorrow.

In this current moment, I'm not nervous, yet. Perhaps tomorrow.

As for now...

1) System - check!
2) Documentation - check!
3) Formal attire - check!
4) Presentation slides - to be completed later.

Almost all done and ready. Just gotta prepare my slides.

project work organized

P/S: I love getting my work neatly organized in the end! ;)

Anyway, my VIVA Presentation slot will be tomorrow, 28th July 2009 at 0945 hours.

Wishing myself all the best! =)


  1. You have been busy busy. Me too...getting busy in the coming days and weeks. New project at work.

  2. All the best in yr presentation ;)

  3. do your best and god'll do the rest! =)

  4. good luck ya ken!! =] all the best

  5. good luck to you ken!

  6. Best of luck ya! Staying steady is the key. =)

  7. o.O what is it about? I mean what is the whole thing about? haha..

  8. Good luck in finals and ur presentation.. ^.^

  9. And after you grad, you can belanja all of us....

  10. Wish u all the best!!
    like other, dun forget to chia us after grad ya. lolx

  11. all the very best for the viva!

    My viva would probably be next year... gulp!

  12. good luck for ur viva tomolo!!!
    u can do it!!!

  13. All the best to you bro. I had mine like 2 years ago...I was so freak out too. Because I have to present in front of dozens of lecturers and professors. LOL ;P

  14. Well, that's how life works I guess right?
    Good luck with the presentation.

  15. It's 12.25PM now lol!
    I guess you'd finished with your presentation. I believe you did well :)

  16. All the best!
    haha.. i am so late, u probably finish your presentation and welcome to the working life!

  17. I can remember my VIVA years back. lol.. not that old. But it was one heck of a roller coaster ride. Best wishes to your presentation. Make sure they all worked!

    p/s: I have no idea why it's called VIVA either. Lecturers never tell us the full term. =P I guess nobody got the time to bother.

  18. Yo yo ken! all the best bro!

  19. Good luck :) :) :)

    2 more weeks only okay!

  20. best of luck to you ken wooi

  21. My uni call it as "Wai Wah" too. lol.
    I wonder what VIVA stands for.

  22. hmmm... since its over by now.. so i get to ask did it go? i went to mph today tak nampak u also


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