Transformers Bumble Bee Toy FAIL

Transformers Bumble Bee Toy FAIL

I was at Kitchen Fresh Chicken (KFC) a few days back and it seems that they’re selling Transformers toys. Of course, you get discounted price if you purchase the Chicky Meal.

Take a look at the promotion.

transformers bumblee bee

Bumblee Bee looks so cool there!

But when you look at the Bumble Bee toy they’re selling…

transformers bumble bee toy

What is that?? Look at its arms – they look like wings!

KFC, you call that Bumble Bee?!

To me, it looks like…

transformers bumble bee toy tweety bird

Tweety Bird!

39 thoughts on “Transformers Bumble Bee Toy FAIL

  1. it's 1am and im super hungry now and i told myself i wont surf food blogs coz i dont want to get tempted.

    came into ur site and u're talking abt KFC. oh NOES!! :(:(:(

  2. Dude, saw your post on INTI Concert Band. And you're a saxophonist! That's cool, man.

    I was in a marching band and played sax too. But now, it's in my room getting dust all over.

    Come to think of it, do you have a name for your sax? =)

    PS: Gone were the days when KFC toys appear cool to us…

  3. OMG…the toy looks worse than 20 year old design wei…damn damn paria. even 2 yr old kid will get bored after 5 minutes.

  4. if KFC really can sell that bumble bee as on the adv,they will gain a lot of extra income already and it wont be that cheap~

  5. My kid bro has the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, and even the 4 year old bugger knew enough to be disappointed. His Bumblebee's "right arm" keeps dropping off.

    Definitely not worth the money >.<

  6. Hahahaha :D How come you said it looks like Twwety Bird? LOL :P By the way isn't KFC supposed to stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken? LOL

    But for a few ringgit we can't really expect a lot lar.

  7. errr.. that don’t even look like tweety to me, it just look like a yellow block of plastic!!! hmmmm, perhaps kids view things differently from us, they have more imagination.. :)

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