Busy Days Ahead

I won't be as free as usual these days. If you don't know, I'm a Software Engineering student - currently in my final semester in INTI University College, Nilai.

So I might not be visiting your blogs that often. With the poor hostel connection, visiting blogs and commenting might take up to 3 minutes each! So 20 blogs will be equivalent to an hour - wasted! INTI-UC's hostel Internet sucks.

Anyway, it's Week 11 of the semester now - according to the college calender.

So here's what gonna happen in the 4 remaining weeks.

Week 12 - Tests
Week 13 - Double-Module Project presentation (VIVA)
Week 14 - Projects submissions and presentations
Week 15 - Final examinations

Well, that's if I don't fail in my remaining subjects.

Hey, take a look at my messy workspace.

busy messy table

Messy huh? Oh wait, by saying workspace, it doesn't mean the table - I meant my laptop. Many many coding in it and it's kinda messy!

In a few days to come, entries will be a little simpler than usual. You know, whenever I update the blog these days, some of my friends will usually go "You too free arrhh?? No need do your system??". Aiya, blog doesn't mean free mah. It's just that I still allocate time for this hobby. =)

And for your information, I'm developing a Code Generator with Java, that generates Java codes, for my Double-Module Project - which is very important. I'll spare the details. Bet most of you won't understand such technical elaboration.

Four more weeks to go!

On an unrelated note, I was trying to buy a webhost to run kenwooi.com with a self-hosted Wordpress. But RHB Bank's Cash-Connect Debit MasterCard doesn't support PayPal! What?! SO troublesome...

Gonna get a Maybank's Maybankard Visa Debit Card soon - it supports PayPal! Bye bye RHB.

Once again, four more weeks!


  1. I thought only Inti International College Penang has the suck wireless =P

  2. I'm surprised to know that a lot of private uni's internet sucks. Haha :D I thought only local U sucks.

  3. good luck in your test and finals~~
    after that welcome to the real life!!
    working life sucks big time. =.="

  4. I keen to set up a domain name .. but no credit card la ..

    can use debit card meh ? I later shall sign up a maybank account but what is the requirement to get debit card ho ? Hopefully they not set need 1k in account so can apply for debit card .. hahaha

  5. my friends see me on FB also they say 'U too free ah?' lol =P

  6. wish u all the best on ur finals and projects.
    gonna miss u... haha
    but b4 that can give me ur WD mybook...

  7. Good luck in your assignments! Hmmm.. a Java guy eh... I'm a MS guy :P

  8. wow...ur sem is ending while mine has just begun...
    eppie ass-ignment & exam wtf :P

  9. Good luck ass. lol

  10. Haha...I was thinking your workspace messy? That's a very clean workspace.

  11. Hope u can graduate with flying colours!!!

  12. Well if you're free and see this, come to my blog now and join in the game to win a novel for yourself (or your friend)! 240-pages, BRAND NEW. Spread the word too - the more the merrier, more clues :)

  13. Where do you get and how do you place the four icons at the bottom of blog post?

    They looked nice.

  14. haha... finals. 4 more weeks! >.<

    dun remind me! ;p

  15. carry on! it's the way life goes

  16. YO! I would be delighted to hear more about your project!! I am software engineering student as well!

  17. erm.. that kind call messy workspace oh?? then mine 1 is super duper messy already...=.="

  18. Take care, you will soon regain your freedom by week 16!
    All the best Kenwooi!

  19. haha, what is so messy?? until you've seen mine :p anyway, all the best for your exam!!

  20. HEyy~ All the best for you! My university is going to start soon too! I am gonna be busy too! xD

  21. Lol be good boy and go finish your coding okay. All the best =D

  22. kenwooi, can i ask u something in msn? pls reply in my blog? thanks a lot...

  23. hey man, u gonna be a top grade programmer!! really cool. and yah, i dun understand much about codes and stuff, i only pray that the matrix is not true.

    looks like massive workload ahead for you. give that last adrenaline burst all the way to your holidays!! and keep coding!haha.

    Just curious, are u also into games coding?

  24. hey,

    hope to see more from your blog.

    for now take care and may God bless you.

  25. Well, I know how it's to be completely busy and completely free. Now I'm completely free but I'm not doing anything productive and this is really sad. Oh well, I should be preparing material for my blog but...heh.
    Well, good luck with your schedule.

  26. You're moving to WordPress too? I want too as well, but maybe after my exams lah. Self-hosting = money. Me = no money.

  27. LOL! Your ltp's not messy... mine is. I mean like i have folders where i just dump everything in. they're called desktop messy, desktop messy 2, and desktop messy 3. And i always have like 50 wires linking up to my laptop! either you're usually a really neat person or i'm just incredibly messy! :D


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