Pathetic Provider

It has been almost a year and a half since the Extreme Broadband (EBB) has taken over the network connection of the hostels of INTI-UC. Initially I had high expectations over EBB as they were said to be a capable Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Extreme BoardNarrowband logo.

In January 2007, EBB's first semester here, the Internet connection provided was terrible. Everyone complained. But due to the tsunami disaster that happened in December 2006, they were given more time to improve their service.

As time passes by, the service kept on deteriorating. Countless meetings, conferences and forums, mainly organized by the 12th INTIMA and the INTI Hall of Residence Board (IHRB), were held in order to solve this problem. Unfortunately, the problem persists.

Before the reign of EBB, we had DC++, a peer-to-peer (P2P) software used to share files among students within the hostel blocks. The transfer rate was awesome. The download speed can reach up to 10MB/sec. Basically, a full movie needs rougly 10 minutes while an audio file needs 1 second. This is what I call extreme speed! DC++ was our source of entertainment in INTI.

However, ever since the domination of EBB, many changes were imposed. First of all, concerning DC++. In the beginning, EBB kept on reducing the transfer speed of DC++ but in the end, they eliminated it. DC++ was said to be the primary reason of the slow Internet connection. Majority of the student population were furious. Some students started cursing EBB until they lost their sense of sanity. I wasn't really affected because I seldom use it. Sadly, I lost my source of pornography.

Protest against EBB.

Secondly, EBB implemented a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Server to replace DC++ but I have no idea on how to use it. Also, premium accounts were introduced for those who want faster Internet connection. Extra payment is needed though. But no matter how premium it gets, it's still pathetic.

EBB always come up with all sorts of excuses when the Internet is down. Lighting struck the main server at Batang Benar. Electricity shortage due to TNB. Old networking equipments. A cat got electrocuted by the network cables. Maintenance, maintenance and maintenance.

At this current moment, the Internet connection is simply pathetic. Incredibly pathetic that occasionally, I can't even load INTI's very own intranet website, the INTI Online. There are always timed out connections and web surfing seems miserable.

Feeling so snubbed, I talked about the pathetic-ness of the Internet provided by EBB in INTI Online. In one thread, EBB asked us to vote for our top ten favourite online games. In my opinion, EBB can't even provide proper support for casual web surfing, what more online games? It's just so pathetic and I responded.

My pathetic request.

Take note, there's no such online game called Pathetic Online. It was merely made up by me. I was just expressing my dissatisfaction sarcastically. I also mentioned World of Pathetic (imitation of World of Warcraft) and Pathetic Story (imitation of Maple Story) in the following post. The following day, EBB replied.

Request pathetically accepted.

I can't help myself but to laugh. How pathetic! Really Hi-la-rious! To my surprise, EBB didn't check the existence of the online game I've mentioned and added it to their poll in their homepage.

EBB Homepage.

My Pathetic Online is listed!

I still can't believe that Pathetic Online is included in the poll. What are the chances of a non-existing online game getting to the top? Anyway, here's the voting result so far.

The top!

Yes! My favourite online game, Pathetic Online, is leading! I'm in cloud nine! Yet, undeniably pathetic. Period.


  1. Lol, I cnt believe you did that...
    Thumbs up for you, by the way, the guy who hacked into the system out there, well done for the polls, 105 is an amazing number~

  2. lol... i remember that i am the one who also vote for pathetic online... xD

  3. hahahhahah..
    so funny EBB..
    i cant stop laughing...
    up until now,
    i dont think the speed improves..


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