Google Collaborates With Tansformers 3!

Google Collaborates With Tansformers 3!

And that could be the headline on all medias in a few years to come when Michael Bay produces his next Transformers sequal – Transformers 3: Dominance of The Google!

Introducing the brand new Autobot Googlebot leader – Google Prime!

google transformers

“Google has requested the Transformers producer to rename and re-colour Optimus Prime once they sign the collaboration deal with Michael Bay.” –

Oh well, I certainly hope so.

Anyway. many have expected more to come when Google released its own Web Browser – Google Chrome (which is way better than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) and unsurprisingly, Google is now coming out with its latest product – Google Chrome Operating System!

With this new Operating System, Google is expected to compete with most used Microsoft’s Operating System – Windows.

google chrome vs windows

However, with more than 70% (just guessing) of the world population using a Windows-based computer, it is not an easy task for Google. With Google’s passion to explore the world of possibilities, who knows, Google might one day be the top company.

So, once the Operating System is completed, what’s next? is making the prediction!

With the brand new Google Chrome Operating System, new keyboards with Google key will be available to accommodate the OS!

google keyboard

The latest Google-enhanced QWERTY keyboard!

Later on, Google will develop their own Google gPhone – to compete with Apple!

google iphone

Comes in 4 different colours – Blue, Green, Yellow and Red!

Next, a GoogleBook?

google notebook laptop

Google might also produce their own line of computers with the Google Chrome OS – just like what Apple did with their Mac OSX MacBooks.

Then, Google may buy over Twitter when Twitter turns into a money-making site!

google twitter

Introducing the upcoming Gwitter! Google certainly has many Twitter accounts on Twitter currently.

Or perhaps, Google takes over the famous Japanese company – YAMAHA!

google yamaha music

And turns all the grand piano keys to Google keys.

google piano keys

Piano players will go crazy over Google! Everytime they play the piano, they’ll be inspired by Google. So, they’ll be more G-eng!

P/S: Geng means “outstanding” in Cantonese.

The final prediction – in order to widen the Google market, the women is targeted!

Introducing Google G-String.

google g-string

With G-Spot on the middle – totally fashionable!

Sorry perverts, is a clean blog – I had to censor the excessive skin revealed on the G-String picture. If you wanna see more of these dirty pictures, go Google it, okay?

There you go, the prediction of Google’s products in the coming years! =)

51 thoughts on “Google Collaborates With Tansformers 3!

  1. Comment that u requested!!!
    Hey,that video nice leh!!!!
    The guy with lion…
    Do u think that the lion will mate with him?

  2. one thing for sure, i will be waiting for google wave to replace facebook… and the OS was a bit demanding but whatheheck… as long as it was open source, it was alright. =)

  3. yeah! I have read about it. Google will roll our Chrome OS right? I'm damn sure it's going to be a hit! Almost all of Google's products are popular and certainly perform better! :D

    Let's hope for the best shall we?

  4. Damn cool post Wei Ken! Good job :) Everytime they play the piano, they'll be inspired by Google. So, they'll be more G-eng! This is lame! And the G-string is the best. Lolz..

  5. New follower =)

    Btw, they are advertising the Google Phone over here in Melbourne already =))

    I WANTSSSSS it….

    Nice post =)

  6. I think I like the Google keyboard, Google notebook, Google phone, and of course the Google G string. But not Gwitter and Google pianos! No way!

    Very funny post, this! : )

  7. Hi Ken,

    Fantastic piece of article with "predictions" that really convinces people! For a moment I thought "what da…?" and then only realized that you were the one who predicted it.

    Haha Cheers mate.

  8. This reminds me of the early days of Microsoft taking over everything from OS to MSN to IE to WMP to everything… and now it's Google's turn.

    Maybe there's a cycle every 15-20 years or so.

  9. This is a super creative and hilarious piece of work. Google Prime…hahaha KEN PRIME? Keep up the good work!!! =)

  10. Google will probably try to take over other areas such as food.
    Google canned beans?
    Google water?
    Google soda?
    Yes, but nothing will beat Google SPAM!

  11. yeah, i heard google is god damn powerful since it started its root back in 1996. A recent article I read state it was known as 'Backrub' then, it was renamed as 'Google' in 1997. Its amazing how it never looked back, dashing forward all the way making big guns like microsoft look really bad! I am not surprise the G underwear will become a cult reality. hahaahah

  12. lol,

    nice post,

    but actually,

    for the os, google plan to go for a browser based os, means its a OS, inside another OS.. something like embeddded or what, read it somewhere before,

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