Back In Action!

I'm BACK and it has been almost 2 months since I stopped blogging. To be frank, I miss it.

Okay, it's now and you might think that I've a domain. No, you're wrong. I don't have enough money - US$10 is damn expensive you know? Anyone willing to sponsor? Anyone?

Never mind. Next up, updates about myself. =)

I've been super busy with my busy-list this semester. By the way, it's currently my 2nd last semester. Sighs, my INTI days are so numbered now.

Anyway, first on busy-list is Work-ing at INTI's Career and Counseling Center. Yeah, I'm working as a student counselor, I counsel students. One student came to me and mentioned that his life is screwed up. I told him to get a screwdriver to unscrew himself.

Okay, that isn't real. I'm just a student helper. I get paid for cutting papers, entertaining students (by saying "how can I help you" which I think I can't help much), dispatching documents and other simple errands.

Number 2 on busy-list is that I rejoined INTI Concert Band (ICB). I stopped participating in ICB since I became an INTIMA EXCO. But since my term has ended, I got bored and yeah, music again!

Messy band room.

I met great people and formed wonderful friendships. Well, it was kinda awkward in the beginning because I don't really know each and everyone of them. Thankfully, they're very friendly. =)

Rehearsing "The Pink Panther".

Recently we had a mini concert themed "MELODYCIOUS" - I wonder what's so delicious about the melody. Anyway, it was great - albeit only having about 180+ audience.

Here are some of the photos taken during and after the concert.

On stage.

Saxophone quartet - Canon in D & The Pink Panther.

Blurry me.

(L-R): Blurry, Shang Jie, Taufik, Gardek, Seow Wen & Diana.

The Melo-delicious performers!

Next on busy-list is my Double Module Project - a final project for IT Students.

As Software Engineering students, we're required to develop a system that can somehow contribute to the IT world - and I came up with a "Development of a JAVA CODE GENERATOR" idea. Seriously, till this very moment, I know nuts about how to complete it. Sighs, my JAVA sucks.

So basically, I think I'm screwed for now. Get me a screwdriver please. T.T

Oh yeah, I have great GREAT news for everyone! I found a new life partner! I met her at The Curve few weeks ago. Fell in love immediately and she moved in with me.

She's a Japanese and her family name is Yamaha.

Introducing: Geetha!

My Geetha Yamaha!

Look at her seductive pose on the bed! Her curvy body is so sexy, it makes me wanna "screw" her so much! =P

Anyway, I'm back but I won't blog that frequent ya. I'm sorta busy with stuffs.

Stay tuned!


  1. firstly, welcome back my friend lol!

    Your CCC job boring la... cut paper LOL! I still remember when I visit you man XD

    and I didn't know calvin played in melodylicious.. lol

    Dont be selfish Ken! Let me fondle you Geetha :D

  2. welcome back! i know how busy you are :P

    busy go jalan-jalan with people and never bring me one.

    such good friend!

    see, even though i am so sick, i die die also comment here.

  3. lol...welcome back. haha. what's with you and screwing.? haha..there like multiple mention of that word. =p

  4. FINALLY!!!!! YOU ARE BACK!!!!
    MISS YOU!!! LOL!!

    btw, glad you are havin fun..
    better screw geetha nicely..
    she looks sexy to me too!! XD

    Lookin forward to your other posts!!

  5. Welcomeeeeeeeeeeeeee back MR.Wooi!!!!
    Need some laugh!!!
    Know what to do right?

  6. welcome back!
    update more! ;)

  7. Welcome back.. Just started to get active in blogging.. HAHA.. Cant wait for more news in inti.. ^.^

  8. Lolz , good thing that u are back..
    Now i'll have something to read in blogs :D

  9. hey welcome back!!!
    missing you lah ......

    2 months of MIA seems like you are enjoying your life in college... :D its good its good!!

    glad you are back!

  10. you weren't joking went you meant Geetha.
    & you're back, congratulations. lol.
    && Canon in D should use strings larh!

  11. Geetha??? Geetha??? of all names :P
    hehhh... Mari kita ber-jamming!

  12. :) welcome back man..

    blog more..don't screw geetha too much :)

  13. hi frens long time no C...stil remember me?
    u seen like very enjoy ur bc life rite now...hohoh graduate soon so u have 2 enjoy this moment...take care...

  14. So what really your profession?
    Is this blog for your enjoyment only?

  15. geetha ? haha at first i though is something else XD but your new guitar

  16. Hey bro :) Glad to see you again. Wah see I tiuk Tao Piow( strike 4D) . I knew it you have domain name xD

  17. pretty geeeetha! did u sing to her =P

  18. wah.. seems like many ppl r happy to have u back. see how popular you are??!! ish.. hahah.. neways, welcome back to u too.

  19. you play the becareful when you screw the guitar, you wouldnt want your pubic hair entangled to the guitar cheers mate :)

  20. u r back!!!! ur pics still say u in blogspot leh.. nice to see u back in action! :)


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