Avril Appeared: Live in Malaysia 08

Despite all those protests by Party Islam SeMalaysia (PAS), Avril Lavigne's Best Damn Tour, Live in Malaysia 08 proceeded as planned. The pop star was deemed 'too sexy' for the Malaysians. But heck, what about Gwen Stefani and Madonna?

Gwen & Madonna.

Yes, compare them with Avril.


She's so not up to their 'standard', yet! But of course, we all hope that Avril doesn't turn like hot sexy babes them.

Malaysia's strict rules have become all too familiar among artistes and concert promoters worldwide. Sad case huh? Many artistes like Beyonce Knowles and Christina Aguilera rather perform in neighbouring countries than abiding such silly strictures. Still, Gwen Stefani had no problem 'covering' herself up last year.

Okay, enough of rants. Let's continue with Avril's Best Damn Tour which rocked Merdeka Stadium on the 29th August 2008.

2 Tickets to the Best Damn Tour!

Things went smoothly right before the concert. The crowds were early, people were all excited and anxious to see Avril live. There were various booths outside selling Avril's merchandises.

Hotlink booth right outside the stadium.

Some Avril impostors.

But they're just too damn shy to look at the damn camera.

The crowd before the concert.

Badges of Avril's head.

People started to line up at the entrance at 6.00pm. It's so obvious that they want to get the best damn seat and the best damn view. Gates opened at 7.30pm and everyone went it.

The early birds.

But unfortunately, it rained before the concert starts.

Early birds with birdcoats.

Yes, rain drops were falling on them before the concert, quite heavy I suppose. Just a reminder, sometimes it's just not good to be early. Better to be late (a minute before) than standing under the rain staring aimlessly at an empty stage.

But you have to commend them; they're one bunch of passionate fans.

At about 9.05pm, some unknown (maybe famous but who cares) guy appeared on stage for the concert's opening and sang a song by Maroon 5. But let's just ignore him. WE WANT AVRIL!

A few minutes after his boring opening, the best damn moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived: AVRIL LAVIGNE! She rocked the damn concert with her first song, Girlfriend.

Here are some miserable snapshots of the colourful concert.



Oh yeah, it wasn't the photographer who was taking miserable photos; it was the distance, the distance was miserable. These photos were taken from the furthest section from the stage: the RM98 section.




The program consists of several songs which include all her smash hits:
  • Girlfriend
  • When You're Gone
  • Sk8er Boi
  • Complicated
  • My Happy Ending
  • I'm With You
  • The Best Damn Thing
The crowd was damn wild and all hyped out as they kept on screaming, screaming and screaming at the top of their damn lungs. Even guys sang loudly.

Avril made fun of played with the crowd by asking them to scream, shut up, scream, shut up and scream bla bla bla. Imagine everyone, especially the girls, screaming like maniacs. I'm sure they'll have sore throat the next day.

This is a conversation that might happen the next day.
  • Person A: How was the concert?
  • Person B: Uhh *cough* Av-*cough*-ril was so damn shit-*cough*-nificant!
Yeah shitnificant, thanks to the screaming lessons by Avril. But it's damn fun though.

Anyway, the concert was a huge hit. The crowd was great, weather was fine throughout the concert and no PAS members were seen protesting. I heard that there were 10 of them standing outside before the concert. But thanks to the damn rain, they left.

Perhaps that's the best damn thing that happened to them: Avril's concert went on fine.

Here's a video clip of Avril's My Happy Ending during the concert. Yes yes, it was taken from the miserable distance too.

My Happy Ending

I guess that's the most meaningful song of all. In spite of everything, it was Avril's happy ending as her concert was a victory against PAS successful!

Most of the merchandises sold during the concert weren't cheap as they cost up to RM100! But there are always the cheaper ones. Here are some of the merchandises brought back from the concert.

Avril's cheap and affordable merchandises.

Oh yeah, just in case you were wondering whether I was there at the concert or not.

No, I wasn't. My sister and mum went. Damn, I missed it!

And my sister is boasting about meeting Belinda, some 8TV quicko girl.


My sister is supposed to be on the right but she doesn't want to reveal herself. She doesn't want people to know that she's not as pretty as Belinda.

Pardon me if I've used too much 'damn'. It's after all the...

Best DAMN Tour!


    anyway, i went for d concert!!
    it was a blast!!! n u didn't!!
    must thank me for giving u information about d concert.. lol
    AVRIL ROCKED!!!! woohhooo!

  2. hello.. it's quite a suprise that u didn't go cuz from the way u wrote i tot u went for the concert as well. haha. like ur sis said, it WAS a blast! anw, i tried to spot myself among those ppl with the stupid raincoats but i couldn't lol.

  3. Nice concert. Thks for sharing the pics!

  4. ooo, i tot u go to the concert . hehe, I wish I did go(><). Anyway, next time, sure got chance. Then, maybe, v will bump into each other , also duno (^^)

  5. KW I thought you went... but I was wrong. I missed it too :(

  6. reread dy lolx~ so siasui =.="
    phewww is not me the only one who get the wrong assumption! muahahahahahah^^

  7. sad sad n regret regret tat i din go for her concert!!! arrrr...the more i think abt it the more i feel sad!!!

    btw, really thanks so much on sharing about her concert..cz i could oni read abt her concert news from the net..

    lastly, Avril is always my Fav singer!!! muakss..looking forward to wait for her new album!!

  8. lol @ being sexy. Have you forgotten that Fergie did come to Genting to perform and did anyone protest her coming? haha i think 'those' ppl just hate Arvil... her acoustics rock! ;p


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