Saying “You’re Big” To A Lady

Saying “You’re Big” To A Lady

Madagascar 2 was great – interesting storyline, great humour and funny animals.

There’s one part of the movie that made me think a little more. It’s the Moto Moto and Gloria dancing in the lake part.

If you’ve watched it, remember this scene?

madagascar 2 moto moto gloria

What Moto Moto told Gloria was kinda err… indecent? Saying “You’re Big” to a lady would end as a tragic because – what else can the word BIG be referred to?

But since they’re hippos, I guess the mentioned phrase is acceptable – hippos are naturally big and huge.

So I thought – what if a human male says “You’re Big” to a human female? What would happen? Special thanks to Jane (edit: my sis) for appearing on sketch with me. =)

You dance with her and unknowingly said…

moto moto gloria

She stops and asks you…

moto moto gloria

You think hard and try to answer…

moto moto gloria

You’re 2 seconds late from answering, she made up her mind and she…

moto moto gloria

You end up yelling…

moto moto gloria

THIS is what I meant by ending in a tragic way!

Oh yeah, another post-movie thought – why didn’t Melman find a female giraffe girlfriend?

It’d be great!

madagascar 2 melman

Why? Coz she’ll tell Melman – You’re LONG!

37 thoughts on “Saying “You’re Big” To A Lady

  1. Ken…

    You are ________________________________

    Anyway, I'm envious.

    I need holidays like BADLY. T.T

    Back to thousands of pages of journals and writing my report.


  2. I saw this movie last weekend. I thought it was really great. Very funny from start to finish :)

    You are right. I am not sure that my gf would like to be called big or huge. I am thinking I would get more than a slap if I said it though hehe

  3. Walao Wei Ken… luckily it was just a sketch. Would you say that to your girlfriend? Even if it’s a compliment, I wonder what the repercussions will be.

    After all, what is it about her that it’s big, or huge? =)

  4. omg..this is funny..i like la…u got innit it????sorry these day online also din reli go innit spot check ppl’s post..pai seh..

  5. hahahahaha…that was hilarious!!! ken….
    ps: ken i imagined sum1 else was in ur sis position…im guessing u know who..


  6. i lov the melman part whilst in a ditch.this smal indian meerkat is busy brushing his head & asking: what is it? tell me, what is it?the indian english accent will just blow you away.

  7. ‘big’ is a sensitive word for a malay..ppl tend to use the word ‘berisi’..for example..”wah, dah berisi la”(nicer than telling her that she’s big coz big=fat)

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