Saying "You're Big" To A Lady

Madagascar 2 was great - interesting storyline, great humour and funny animals.

There's one part of the movie that made me think a little more. It's the Moto Moto and Gloria dancing in the lake part.

If you've watched it, remember this scene?

Moto Moto & Gloria.

What Moto Moto told Gloria was kinda err... indecent? Saying "You're Big" to a lady would end as a tragic because - what else can the word BIG be referred to?

But since they're hippos, I guess the mentioned phrase is acceptable - hippos are naturally big and huge.

So I thought - what if a human male says "You're Big" to a human female? What would happen? Special thanks to Jane (edit: my sis) for appearing on sketch with me. =)

You dance with her and unknowingly said...

She stops and asks you...

You think hard and try to answer...

You're 2 seconds late from answering, she made up her mind and she...

You end up yelling...

THIS is what I meant by ending in a tragic way!

Oh yeah, another post-movie thought - why didn't Melman find a female giraffe girlfriend?

It'd be great!

Why? Coz she'll tell Melman - You're LONG!


  1. WOW!jane so garang,ken look so,

  2. so free ah ken??? lolz. neways, it was really entertaining.

  3. wow that's cutteeee!!!! lol..yeah i like that movie....

  4. hippo loves to be call big! hahahaha

    so i think its ok?

  5. speechless...haha

    i like the movie too~~

  6. LOL!! this is so funny!!! you're lone man!! hahahahahaha.....XD

  7. LOL! u and ur fren damn cute and creative. haha ~

    it really cracks me up.

  8. Hahah..what a illustration way~ Good job,keep it up. Wish to see more updates

  9. lol. so syok got friend to act with u. huhu im so lonely nobody wanna have a sketch with me

  10. Ken...

    You are ________________________________

    Anyway, I'm envious.

    I need holidays like BADLY. T.T

    Back to thousands of pages of journals and writing my report.


  11. I saw this movie last weekend. I thought it was really great. Very funny from start to finish :)

    You are right. I am not sure that my gf would like to be called big or huge. I am thinking I would get more than a slap if I said it though hehe

  12. Walao Wei Ken... luckily it was just a sketch. Would you say that to your girlfriend? Even if it's a compliment, I wonder what the repercussions will be.

    After all, what is it about her that it's big, or huge? =)

  13. Lol!!! kena slap means she like u lar...


  14. so funny haha. I enjoyed reading this post. Great =)

  15. LOL... i want to laugh.... MOTO MOTO!! hot hot .... LOL

  16. yea.. if d story was bout melman getting a gf, d whole story wud b a lil more "interesting" wont it.. hahaha..

  17. Hahahaha...creative enough and I like Madagascar..haha

  18. Haven't watch that movie yet.
    Maybe will only get DVD.

  19. aha. this one funny.

  20. yeah, i like the LONG post-movie thought.. hehe!!

  21. omg..this is funny..i like la...u got innit it????sorry these day online also din reli go innit spot check ppl's post..pai seh..

  22. That's funny. You're long. Haha

  23. you very creative in create the story... the girl act movie with u ? ur gf?

  24. I like your work. You should produce short movies. Very funny and creative.

  25. lol. funny post, and what a humour about Melman

  26. hahahahaha...that was hilarious!!! ken....
    ps: ken i imagined sum1 else was in ur sis guessing u know who..



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