Turns One! Turns One!

Firstly, I would like to put the blame on the culprit – Jason Ng. Jason, why did you make me blog? *lol*

Secondly, turns one today!

secret recipe cake

Unsurprisingly, this blog didn’t turn out to be a very personal blog – instead, mostly on issues and matters that revolve around me. I tend to make fun, hopefully not in an offensive way, of certain interesting topics. Don’t blame me, blame my curiosity.

I’ve been told that my “true colours” were finally revealed after I started blogging. Well, I don’t really talk about those “issues” in real life, doesn’t mean that I don’t “think” about it. After all, which guy isn’t naughty? Before I started blogging, people viewed me as a serious person – but unfortunately, the impression has changed – now people see me more of a “hamsup” guy. All thanks to

pointing at laptop

But I’m certainly not! I’m a good boy, no? *double sighs*

Some readers find my entries funny and humourous – that’s a good point I guess – as my main purpose of blogging is to entertain people. Just read my craps and laugh. However, some people tend to take my entries seriously.

batman joker why so serious

Whenever I prepare an entry, I always try to mix in a taste of laughter. Honestly, I do laugh at my own stupidity crappy entries. And I admit that my entries can be very lame at times – but it’s certainly more interesting and entertaining.

From a personal point of view, it has been a great journey so far. As of today, I’m enjoying it and I’m glad to have been involved in this so-called ‘hobby’.

Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to all avid readers of for supporting its crappy entries all these while. Without all of you, would be nothing other than a crappy, literally crappy, blog.

secret recipe birthday cake

A slice of Apple Crumble Cheese cake just for you,!

Once again, wishes itself Happy Birthday!

79 thoughts on “ Turns One!

  1. lol all commenting bout noobing around? interesting…

    Have a noobie bday for a noobie blog! 1 year of noobing around… keep it up!

  2. Happy Birthday to :D
    I like that Maple story picture. Well, I used to be so addicted to Ragnarok Online, Gunbound and Luna Online.

  3. I’m gona overlook the fact that this celebration looks uncannily like kennysia’s and wish a super bday! hope u had a blast!

  4. sad you can’t read chinese… :P it was the essence of essence in my blog … lol more feelings than usual post..

    anyway.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

    to your blog.. huh? lol

  5. Already one?
    And I started visiting this blog just what? Few weeks ago?
    I don’t know how I found your blog, it was probably by your comments on someone else blog.
    What really matters is that you’re happy with your work and happy with your entries.
    Keep up the joy and the good work. Hopefully I’ll also be able to get there!

  6. Out of curiousity,
    Did u let your laptop and blog ate the cake ??
    Or you ate it yourself u evil owner of the laptop

  7. Well I’ll give it to u that u got a more corny sense of humor, n that in itself is a cun blogging ingredient haha. yes, oegene’s my bro. wah how come u know him one?

  8. hoho~~ ady one? cant believe time past so fast.. and by d way~~~~ I MISS SECRET RECIPE A LOT.. why here dun have nice cheese cake but.. but.. but..but..all mall selling CHEESE~~ =.=”’

  9. Not a bad achievement!

    Happy 1st to your blog =)

    But yeah, I won’t disagree with the term “noobish pervert” xD

  10. Congratulations on your blogs first birthday. That means that your blog is exactly twice the age of mine – I started it on November 8, 2008 and its now 6 months old – just had its 100th post!

    I totally relate to what you say in this post. Its funny how your blog can sometimes seem to have a mind of its own ya know. It can develop quickly into something just like you envisioned but at the same time unexpectedly different.

  11. your blog is really famous leh!!! lotsa comments u received!!! congratz to your blog o!!! keep up the good work n i will support u!! hehehe..

  12. wow! congrats to your blog! happy anniversary.
    the red ones used for safety are cute and funny as well ^_^

  13. happy 1st birthday, keep up the good work! i found myself laughing after my 1st visit, and can’t help but return again to see if there’s another update. :)

    I love those crappy posts, and honestly, did html really gave u that response?? if so, HTML is cool… ;)

  14. Happy Belated Bday to your blog.
    Your post are farny like hell =D xD

    i had my laughter after visiting your blog for the 1st time xD

  15. happy birthday to k :) this means I have been reading your blog for almost 9 months unknowingly :) Didn;t know we started blogging at same month huh..haha :D

  16. Happy birthday to! It’s so fun to blog, right? I’m loving every minute of it! And I think you do too! Keep up with your good work! : )

  17. happy birthday to
    No…you are not banned from my cbox…
    it’s just your IP problem..try to gain a new IP address…XD

  18. haha happy belated bday yo!!!!! ur blog’s cekap! n very entertaining! : ) keep those posts coming yea? haha n no free cake for ur avid readers? x(

  19. i think ur blog shud deserve a bigger cake. gosh i totally 4got when's mine >_<

    HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!!

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