McAwesome™ Burger With McValue Lunch™

McAwesome™ Burger With McValue Lunch™

On behalf of McDonald’s, my friends and I would like to ask you a simple question…

mcdonald advertisement

mcdonald advertisement

mcdonald advertisement

mcdonald advertisement

Now that I’ve gotten your attention, let’s start.

Here in Nilai, as for now, there’s only one available McDonald’s Restaurant. The outlet is never far away from my university – I could actually walk there if I want to.

mcdonald signboard

mcdonald nilai restaurant

Well, McDonald’s has come out with a great promotion during lunch hours, which is the McValue Lunch™.

mcdonald mcvalue lunch

It’s totally HOTTER than Jessica Alba!

Well, today I’m gonna demonstrate you how to make my very own McAwesome™ Burger from all four of the available McValue Lunch™ sets.

four mcdonald mcvalue lunch

Before starting, gather all four McValue Lunch™ burgers.

four mcdonald burgers

McStep 1: Get the burger buns ready.

mcdonald mcawesome burger buns

McStep 2: Put the Filet-O-Fish patty first.

mcdonald mcawesome burger filet-o-fish

McStep 3: The McChicken patty goes next.

mcdonald mcawesome burger mcchicken

McStep 4: Place the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe patty.

mcdonald mcawesome burger mcdeluxe

McStep 5: The Big Mac’s patty after that.

mcdonald mcawesome burger big mac

McStep 6: Finally, top on a few French Fries on it.

mcdonald mcawesome burger french fries

McStep 7: Set the top half bun over the patties.

mcdonald mcawesome burger

And with only 7 Simple McSteps, I’ll present to you…

Kenwooi’s very own McDonald’s innovation:

mcdonald mcawesome burger

McDonald’s McAwesome™ Burger!

mcdonald mcawesome burger

It certainly looks tempting after I made that. The burger is so awesome, it makes you feel awesome just by holding it!

mcdonald mcawesome burger

Take a look at its delicious layers. Total thickness. Just so awesome!

P/S: Playing with burger patties was fun! =D

But be warned, you might need a super big mouth to take a bite off McAwesome™ Burger.

mcdonald mcawesome big mouth

Unfortunately, I have a small mouth.

Oh yeah, after my friends and I finished our McValue Lunch™ outing, the McDonald’s staffs gave me a total shock!

mcdonald with


I never knew that blogs can be McD-fied! That’s just so awesome!

So what are you waiting for? Get your McValue Lunch™ today! =)

177 thoughts on “McAwesome™ Burger With McValue Lunch™

  1. you know what???
    your innovation is super cool!!!
    shall try that next time…

  2. The Mc Awesome burger…..quite a god idea to get that McD prize….good luck…

    But i dun like the Mc Awesome burger idea though….looks so….nvm

  3. hahaha..
    another view of u..
    anyway great job especially the last one with their staffs holding the plague card
    geng wor~
    hope u win something

  4. the staff on the right looks creepy!!

    You wanna walk to MCD under the scorching sun? nutto!

    MCD here damn expensive >.< okay not that expensive.. but then after conversion, its #$%^&*(.. damn the exchange rate!! hahahha

  5. lol… manage to get them to take the pictures with your printed papers huh..
    I though mcd will be busy :P no wonder orders when slow..

  6. hhmmmm always have trouble looking for seats at the Nilai outlet and the queue can be quite long too !

  7. I did! ..haha i had Spicy Chicken™ McDeluxe yesterday XD.Mcvalu Lunch of course :P.Hey!McAwesome could totally work,ill be the 1st to try it XD

  8. That is so creative!!!! Lol. 2 thumbs up for you, Kenwooi!! :)

    P/s: gosh! I just noticed that I’m now a…. stalker?? muahhahahahah!!!!!

  9. thank god u r mcd-fied… i tot u were mcd-fried! LOL.. nice post here.. u returned the burger patties to ur friends after the demo? :D

  10. Great! But I wonder did you bought all 4 burgers that day? Or your friends dont mind you touching their patty before consuming it. And did you printed the paper for them to pose or what?

  11. Lol! What up!
    Nothing much to say since I saw most of your post back in INTI already XD

    Cheers! Go win that iPhone. (then let me trash it)

  12. LOL, never expected this stuff xD hahahaha
    btw did u really spend RM30+ for a McAwesome burger? =P

  13. Wow! McDonal’s stuff holding the cards for you! Geng!!! Really amazing! Teach me teach me how you make it? lol :)

  14. Wow! Brother you should win.
    So far, I see two of this contest entries submitted, yours very creative and innovative!
    Keep it up:)

  15. I just taken one McValue lunch lately after years of avoiding these fast food restaurant (McD & KFC). It's still expensive and not worth at all.

    That McDonald's McAwesome™ Burger! is really one big mouthful :) That last picture make me thinking whether the staff were doing it voluntarily. That third guy on the right seems to be a bit worried whether his picture will end up in some kind of porno website…lol :)

  16. too bad comments cant accept webdings otherwise i’ll be typing all the way =D
    nice entry post..I know wher is Nilai Mc.Donald!!! always pass by tat area!~

  17. Not sure if I can eat em… =.= looks weird, chicken, beef patties and fillet in one? My stomach surely will rebel. LMAO.

  18. wow ken, McD University of Hamburger should award you first class of hilarious posting of McAwesome :D I hope you do finish the entire McAwesome otherwise not so nice playing the food while other are hungry :P

  19. Thanks for dropping by my blog and for commenting. I see there’s this contest going on. No wonder a “friend” on Facebook kept posting on it again and again! The value meals are pretty reasonably priced compared to what I saw at “the other burger place” at KLIA…but then they always jack up the prices at Malaysian airports! Tsk! Tsk!

  20. wow you actually play with everyone the burger ? cool!! lol XD but you can help Mc Donald for commecial already ahahaha

  21. Haha, didnt think that we’re so near in location lorr xD
    I dont think Im going to eat if you make one burger like that for me
    Id rather make it myself.
    joking only :P

  22. They sure look good value. I hope you don’t eat too much of MacDonald, too much fat and you would end up gaining weight :o)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently.

  23. i just knew that this is a competition…. i wish u all the best…. iphone with 6 months free plan ?? i wana enter bt dun have the creativity and time =]

  24. McFied?
    Is that something good?

    Come on, it’s mcd….well, everybody have their own tastes right? Can’t do much about it.
    At least you had fun :)

  25. oooh, your McAwesome just look delicious to me!! but i think after having that, it would take me 2 months to get away from McD.. hahahaha~~

  26. wakakaka … dropping a comment … wish you win in this competition !! haha… superb prize ah!!! hahaha

  27. i always had this for lunch .. ha ha ha. can be cheaper than most nasi campur in KL .. it’s killing leh

  28. hahahha dude but that mishal guy doesnt even understand chinese =( hahah webdings!! GEEKY! in a good way of course.

  29. Wow! McD-fied! Hope you win!!

    I haven’t been eating McD for quite a long time already! Except for their sundae cone and chocotop which I love!

    I doubt I can eat your McAwesome. My mouth not big enough! Haha!

  30. I love your super burger kenwooi, as much as i want to try that I can’t because that’s a huge bruger and I can’t finish it! Thanks for checking my blogs!

  31. Wow. You combined few burgers to become one and add some fries. That is interesting!!! But, I don’t think I can eat that much.

  32. comment #137: wish you good luck again in this competition!!

    you made me very hungry ler… though i had never had McD in like few weeks ler… haha…

  33. OMG….partner…i will be attracted by ur blog leh~~~
    beware ltr i like u…r….talent le…wahahahhaha

  34. haha.. the last pic with the mc d staff holding those placecards was a genius idea!! really creative!

  35. Wow 145 comments already, I think you can win lah. In fact more famous than Kenny Sia already lorh XP

    In return for adding one extra post here would you join my contest instead? :P

    I invite you to join in this giveaway of a Commonwealth Games badge at my blog in this post. It’s quite simple, there’re even hints given, have fun! ^^

  36. Wah lao…So humongous ur burger! But, I bet it’s pasti sedap…

    Hopefully u can win! *Keep fingers crossed* =P

  37. Argh. The close up on the McAwesome looks so darn friggin’ tasty! Check out the melted cheese man! groans. Darn it. Think I’m gonna order delivery now. :(

    Btw, lol, having Waye Young to speak in Webdings is so so fitting! HAR HAR!

  38. oh my goodness, the upclose shot of McAwesome is wicked!!

    makes me hungry all over now >.<

    btw, nice post =)

  39. OMG Ken. you are making me miss Nilai’s only McD!! :) used to go there like weekly to get my dosage of McFood! your burger is awesome! haha. hope you win! the awesome burger and the whole set up = very creative! THUMBS UP! :)

    From Aussie [Pamela]

  40. hey hey hey.. u actually asked the staff to hold that cards to take photo? or what…?

    btw i always eat McD for lunch =( now bored d even tho it's cheaper.

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