Shark Hunting At Redang Island

Shark Hunting At Redang Island

First of all, to those who believed that my Redang Island trip was sabotaged by the agent – was my entry too convincing? Well, to be frank, it was pretty much a lame teaser for the trip.

Gotcha! *lame I know*

laguna redang island resort

Redang was fun and enjoyable. The place was great – albeit the warmness. Delicious food and cozy accommodation at the Laguna Redang Island Resort.

laguna resort island resort beach view

Basically, all we did was snorkel, sleep and eat – and the most important one – Shark Hunting. My main purpose to snorkel was to bump into a shark, so that I can make love touch it with my bare hands. So cool right?

Anyway, snorkeling was simply awesome! You get to see beautiful corals beneath the sea, colourful fishes swimming around you and hopefully, to meet a shark! *rawr!*

Here are underwater pictures of some of us while snorkeling/swimming – taken by the photographer in-charged.

underwater shot

Great hand gesture by Adrian! Kids, it’s a semi-peace sign – with one of the fingers lowered down.

underwater shot

Bubbly Chu with his “good” hand gesture. He was actually signaling the cameraman: “You’re good-looking!”

underwater photo

Lysa swims gracefully across the ocean. Kids, she’s showing the full-peace sign – with both fingers erected.

underwater photo

Ken is so yeng right? Say yes! YES!

By the way, these pictures cost us RM5 each. Kinda expensive but I guess it’s worth the price.

We were brought to 3 different locations to snorkel – the 1st one was the best. Crystal clear sea and the corals were amazing! The 2nd was at Marine Park. I was told that sharks and turtles do appear at that area but no shark appeared! *sighs* The sea wasn’t that clear either.

Finally, the 3rd snorkeling location was boring. Nothing much to see but we got to take the BEST picture of all!


photo with shark

Mummy!!! Come see!!!


81 thoughts on “Shark Hunting At Redang Island

  1. You're in desperate for a shark?! You must be barking mad!
    HAHAAAA. Wanna be shark bait? Let the whole water flow with blood, when it senses & you're the main dinner course ;)

  2. wow…great!! wow the coral is damn so colourful in radang!!! i wanna go there too… >.<

    i love sun sand sea snorkelling…..

  3. Been there once, went to the deep sea snorkling, great experience but definitely not seeing the sharks! LOL.

  4. hey…how much is your snorkling package?

    pikey: where got such thing as deep sea snorkling one? that’s called diving la!!

  5. i love redang n i stayed in Laguna too.. eat eat eat n eat… i bought the pics too.. but in my pics, there were me n hubs.. no ken, no chu, LOL!

    n i didnt get that LAST BEST pic! LOL! great one there!

  6. So nice lr can go redang..I plan a class trip tor edang in June,bt in the end cancelled coz they feel pricey

  7. lol~!! The last picture.. But I remember last time near the long beach, got the baby shark just beside the beach, can swim in and chase gao the baby shark and it wont even bite you, at least it didnt bite me.. haha..

    Looks like a lot of ppl going redang.. hhmm

  8. dude, if you were staying at Laguna Redang, you should have just gone snorkeling right outside the beach outside of the hotel. there are baby sharks there. you’ll meet some if u are lucky. well, a bit small for you to ‘you know what’ with LOL. but still sharks.

    btw, nice refreshing theme :)

  9. Déjà vu… :D Like I’ve been eaten by a shark. ;) Yoh, Kenwooi! Thanks for visiting. “Listed” your blog for now. :D

  10. “Ken is so yeng right? Say yes! YES!”

    I don’t know…what does “yeng” mean? :P

    Anyways, nice pictures. Crystalline water, blue sky, nothing to worry about. What could be better than that right?
    Maybe taking a picture in the sea with a shard head right behind you? :D

  11. its still one of a the few pretty well preserved coral island. wish they continue look after it well.

  12. Wanting to let a shark brush past your hand would make for a very cool experience indeed.

    Especially considering the fact that the skin of your palm will be completely torn off once the shark’s done brushing past you!

    Unless, of course, that was your intention in the first place. =P

  13. Huh? Been to Redang but never heard of sharks before. But I can see you’re dying to be seen with a shark. That last picture is a testament to that. hahaha.

  14. RM5 is not expensive at all for such underwater photos lorr.. but that shark one, look so fake, you guys should act a bit to make it more realistic that it’s chasing you guys.. :p

  15. errr… no such sharks in malaysian water la… if yes… we got jaws!!!!

    RYC: i actually didn’t write that poem for fun. i was actually writing to express my feelings for something i have decided to leave for good.

  16. Haha :D Ganas! You remind me of the time went for diving trip! :D The photo wear you guys almost being eaten by the shark is cool! How did you do it? Photoshop?

  17. The big shark behind you all =__=” (want to take photo also)… My hubby and his brother saw the shark once before at Redang also. They been leaving there (terengganu) almost 10yrs and redang already become second home for them

  18. Eh!! Why got shark one?? Photoshopped one is it?? If redang really got such big shark then I will never go redang again lo!!! Hahahaha…XD

  19. Hi i am going redang.. can i bring my camera (with the underwater cover) to underwater? is it very dark there..

    If the sun is shining brightly, I’m sure the underwater will be bright as well. =)

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