Fine Favicon

Here is a simple way to create a favicon for your very own blog!

Firstly, an icon is required. You can either use an online icon creator (which I think is not user-friendly) or Photoshop. I did mine with Photoshop.'s Favicon.

If you need help in designing one for yourself, feel free to ask me. I'll only charge you RM5 per icon. Very cheap right?! =P

Once you've designed your icon, save it as an image file. Next, proceed to the online icon generator to generate the icon. There, upload your saved favicon image, select icon size 16x16 and generate it. Once it's done, download the icon into your computer.

Then, upload the downloaded .ico image file to the Internet, use Windows Live SkyDrive or any image uploader that supports icon, and get the icon URL there.

Attention: To get the right icon URL after uploading to SkyDrive, keep clicking on the image until it appears on the browser by itself. Then copy the URL from the address bar.

Next, follow this instructions.
  • Go to your Blogger dashboard
  • Click manage: Layout
  • Click 'Edit HTML' below the Layout tab
There, you'll see a code line like this:


Then, copy and add the code below the line and replace "your icon URL" with your icon's URL.

<link href='your favicon URL' rel='icon'

Save it and have a look at your blog. You should be able to see your small Favicon next to your blog address.

Visit here for more detailed information on adding Favicon.

Take note: If you're using Internet Explorer, you might not be able to see the icon. Firefox on the other hand shows the icon well in bookmarks, URL addresses and tabs.

Hope you'll like it. Feel free to ask if you've any doubts. =)


  1. lolx.....

    wanna charge RM5... i know petrol increase price also dun like that mah...hehe

    juz kidding...

  2. hey....can u see mine..icon.. ??wahahahaha!!!

  3. Thx 4 ur further info form tips for new bloggers. Tat's cool..

  4. thanks for this post...
    now i know how..hehe

  5. I'm bookmarking this in case I need to make my own favicon too. XD

  6. fuyooo!!
    thx mate.. i jz cre8 mine.. hahaha.. simple oni..

  7. failed. I tried to make one. uploaded to skydrive. I guess wrong url.

  8. T___T i made one, uploaded into photobucket, followed your steps. and and and FAILED !! omg. so sad!

  9. it worked. I just tried out. thx... hehe!! i guess nid to pay u rm 5 to make a better one.


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