Elated Ending: Installation Night 08

Finally, the 12th INTIMA term has come to an end. On a fine Tuesday night of the 29th July 2008, the 12th INTIMA Awards Presentation & 13th INTIMA Installation Night 2008 was held.

The event was held at the Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Cyberjaya, a 5-star resort with beautiful landscaped gardens.

The banner, painted by our very own EXCOs. The theme for the night was 'The Legacy Continues'. We hope that the 13th INTIMA will continue to serve the community of INTI-UC with devotion and enthusiasm.

The view inside the ballroom. Classy and elegant.

Our masters of ceremony for the night was Reuben Dave and Ashvin. Both of them did exceptionally well and they really connect well with the crowd. Great job!

A total of 29 clubs and societies of INTI-UC attended our, the 12th INTIMA, final event. There were 34 tables during the night.

These are some of the notable clubs and societies of INTI-UC. They're also called affiliate because they are associated with INTIMA.

Adventure Club

AUP Club

INTI United Nations Club

LEO Club

Social Board

Student Action (STACT) Club

After the speeches, the first performance of the night started. Da Guyz entertained everyone with their slick moves.

Da Guyz

Next up, dinner time!

Food, glorious food!

I didn't get to eat much that night. *sigh*

After everyone took their food and settled down, it's the moment that everyone was waiting for, the first 12th INTIMA Awards Presentation. Here are the winners of each award.

Most Creative Affiliate

Vice President of
Administration & Services Award

Seet Pee Ter

Best Activity Proposal
Model United Nations Youth Conference

by INTI United Nations Club

Best Event Review
Youth Camp 3

by STACT Club

Best Publicized Event
Adventure Charity Run

by Adventure Club

Best Cultural/Religion Event
A Quest into Nations

by International Students Society

Best Sports Event
120 Hours Non-Stop Charity Swim

by Life Saving & Swimming Club

Best Charity Project
Adventure Charity Run

by Adventure Club

Best Combined Project
Chinese New Year Carnival

by STACT Club & Chinese Cultural Society

Best Night
The Idol 2008

by STACT Club

That's the end of the first Awards Presentation. Next, the moment we, the 12th INTIMA, have been waiting for! Each of us received a certificate, a token of appreciation and a pen with our position and name engraved on it.

After receiving the stuffs bla bla, each of us were given our last chance to talk to the students as an INTIMA EXCO.

Delia Lee Sze Zhen
12th INTIMA Public Relation Officer

Clara Tan Pei Yi
12th INTIMA Public Relation Officer

Jason Ng Hwa Ming
12th INTIMA Public Relation Officer

Mishal Kothari
12th INTIMA Auditor

Justin Joel Thomas
12th INTIMA Auditor

Chong Pei Yheng
12th INTIMA Assistant Treasurer

Wooi Wei Ken
12th INTIMA Treasurer

Lau Waye Young
12th INTIMA Assistant Secretary

Karampal Singh
12th INTIMA Secretary

Abdulhafiz Musa
12th INTIMA Vice President of Activities

Chong Joan-Lynn
12th INTIMA Vice President of Administration & Services

Calvin Chung Kar Wah
12th INTIMA President

Then, it's the handover session. It's a brand new term for the newly elected 13th INTIMA EXCOs. And for us, good bye 12th INTIMA. *sobs*

After that, a breathtaking performance by Baby Force.

Baby Force

They've performed in various events in INTI-UC and they're simply outstanding and funky!

Then, 12th INTIMA's very own performance. We started the performance with a short scene in the kitchen and we started hitting the equipments and created STOMP! Special thanks to Mishal for the coordination.

Young, Calvin and I on the dustbins drums.

Jason and Delia happily played 'Ting Ting Ting Ting' with beer bottles. They drank it before the performance.

Pei Yheng with the chair and Justin with the dustbin caps cymbals.

Mishal, Joan and Hafiz making some noise music too.

After the Stomp, there there, the dance part. Okay I must admit, I don't do girl dance! I suck at it! But nevertheless, I did it together with Mishal and Young. Only real men can do it. =P

Us shaking our bodies like some 'Agua'. Don't laugh, I'm warning you!

After the girl dance, the whole group joined in and dance with the tune of Let's Get It Started by the Black Eye Peas.

It was great and the crowd went wild. Well, they've never seen us doing such performance before because we were always busy in the office.

Anyway, for those who've missed it or would like to watch it again, here's a video of our dance. Enjoy!

The second 12th INTIMA Awards Presentation continued after our performance. And here are the winners of each award.

Best New/Revival Affiliate
Nunchaku Club

Most Progressive Affiliate
Photography Club

Best Academic Affiliate
AUP Club

Best Sports Affiliate
Life Saving & Swimming Club

Best Martial Arts Affiliate
Taekwondo Club

Best Social Affiliate
LEO Club

Best Cultural/Religion Affiliate
INTI Christian Fellowship (ICF)

Best Performing Arts Affiliate
24 Solar Drums

Best Liaison Committee
Sri Lankan Liaison Committee

Best Indoor Affiliate
Manga, Anime & Games (MAG) Club

Best Outdoor Affiliate
Adventure Club

Best Council Member
Ng Sze Fang

INTIMA Merit Award
Anbuchudar Christie

Best Secretary
Puah Wai Mae & Chew Huey Xin

from STACT Club

Best Treasurer
Rick Yap Aik Ban & Lau Wei Liang

from Adventure Club

Best Vice Chairperson
Jenna Yeoh Suet Lee

from STACT Club

Best Chairperson
Tan Pei Shiun

from Adventure Club

Best Event
Orientation Night Jan 08
'Dream within a Dream'

by Social Board

Best Affiliate
Student Action (STACT) Club

Well, that's all for the night and it ended at about 11.30pm.

Oh yeah, we can't forget ourselves right?


The lady in the middle is Ms. Lillian Tai, the Head of Student Affairs Office.

Well, all I wanna say is...

Thank you 12th INTIMA for the
unforgettable experiences.

Thank you everyone for the
wonderful friendships.

Thank you to the 12th INTIMA affiliates for their
tremendous cooperation.

And also, thank you to the top management of INTI-UC for their
utmost support.

It has definitely been one exciting year filled with sweet memories for each and every one of us in the 12th INTIMA.

Here's a message from Ms. Organizing Chairperson, Chong Pei Yheng.

"Thank you everyone for coming.
There was no complaint except for the Snickers
and I felt touched after the event!"

Yes, the Snickers in the goodie bags were expired. Darn the company!

Anyway, wishing the 13th INTIMA all the best in their future undertakings and endeavours!


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    there is a slight mistake......
    under Best Cultural/Religion Affiliate right......
    it is written there as
    International Students Society....
    but hor.........
    the person who received the cert from mischal is the chairperson of Inti Christian Fellowship.
    how ar........
    who actually receive the award???
    i dunno how come i ended up in this blog.......
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    i suddenly tersee that........
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    i m sherene
    all the best in ur finals!!!

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    FYI, I'm doing the same course as pei yheng. So no final yet. =)

    Be positive! Exam is about the holiday after that!


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    Keep blogging =)


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