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Have you ever experienced the feeling of being stressed up as the time ticks closer towards your examination date? Not enough time to study? Too much information to absorb? Burning the midnight oil to compensate the wasted time?


I'm sure a huge number of the students here in Malaysia has experienced or is experiencing those situations mentioned above. As young adults, or preferably known as teenagers, we love to play and enjoy ourselves. We often neglect the simple fact that we need to study in order to ensure a better, and also wealthier, life in the future.

Let's not mention about Bill Gates or our very own Malaysian Tan Sri Dato' Loh Boon Siew. If you're thinking of being rich by dropping out from school, your parents are obviously going to chop your head off!

So, what are the appropriate ways to excel in studies? Normally people would say study loh!, read notes lah! and don't play truant!. But that's not enough for a student to do better. Group studies are encouraged too but nowadays majority of the study sessions has become yakking sessions.

Well, fret not. Here are 5 studying tips just for you.

  • Ensure study notes are comprehensive
Depending on the notes given by the lecturers aren't sufficient. I repeat, are not sufficient! In Malaysia, we students are very used to being spoon fed by our lecturers therefore we tend to be a little passive when it comes to writing our own notes. However, the best way is to write your own notes while listening to lectures or by referring to the notes provided. Also, add extra information if there is, and write the notes using the format and style that you're familiar with so that you can understand it better.

In the western countries, lecturers will mumble lecture without providing any single notes. Students are supposed to do their own research and produce their own notes. I bet most of us will suffer if we were to study abroad.

Yes, it's CS228: Java.

Anyway, if you're still lazy, just make sure your study notes are complete and sufficient enough to obtain a passing grade. However, some smart asses students are still able to do very well without the extra effort. Well, let's just say that they're brilliant, or they're those lucky asses ones.

  • Find an ideal place that allows full concentration
Getting the right location to study is an utmost importance. Some prefer a quiet surrounding whereas some like noises. If you want a place filled with silence (cues cricket sound), the library would be a good choice, or perhaps your own room.

Some can concentrate with the presence of music. Well the music depends on one's own preference too. Some prefer instrumental music, some techno and some hard rock music. Well, whichever genre suits your taste it's fine, as long as it helps you to concentrate.

Besides that, some students will have better concentration level when they study at odd places. Just like me!

At the toilet.

Toilets are well known to have a unique and distinguish aroma that increases the alertness of almost everyone! Try it out! =P

  • Review past exam answers for tips
The past exam papers are very useful sources for obtaining questions and sample answers. All you need to do is to obtain those past exam papers from the necessary sources, answer them and refer the answers if they're provided. Or else, ask your lecturer. You can also do researches on past exam papers to spot popular questions, that's if you're extra hardworking.

  • Study in advance to avoid last minute cramming
It's a common advice given to most students; study early. Students tend to enjoy first, then study later (as in the verrryyyy last minute). This is one reason why they don't have enough time when the examination is just around the corner.

What you can do is actually to study in 'blocks' weeks earlier. By doing consistent and frequent studies, you would have a better capability of remembering the information read.

Well, I've also done my preparation so far. These were the preparation I've done throughout my whole May 2008 semester to ensure my 'flying with colours' result.

3 months before exams.

2 months before exams.

1 month before exams.

1 day before exams.

More than enough rest for the examination! Bring it on! XD

  • Memorize with visualization of the information
Even if you already have your own study notes, don't just read, read and read. Based on a research, there are 3 types of learners.
  1. Visual learners
  2. Auditory learners
  3. Kinesthetic learners
A visual learner learns by watching or seeing, an auditory learner learns by listening while a kinesthetic learner learns by experiencing it. And a majority of the learners tend to possess the visual learning style. They'll learn faster when there are graphics, pictures, images, animations and visualizations.

My creative visualization!

If you don't know, those are monsters from the online game, Maple Story. =)

So, that's the end of my 5 studying tips. If you're really determined to achieve a great result, try to adhere to the tips. And guess what? If you really do so, you'll certainly be like me!

My foundation result.

That's my INTI-UC Foundation in Information Technology (CFP) result in 2006. Great achievement right? Don't believe it? Fine, okay it's fake. I've edited it. =(

Well, that's all for now. Wishing all SimplySerene readers good luck and all the best in your examinations! May you pass away with flying colours!

I hope these tips are helpful. =)


  1. u should tell me as early as possible....
    but anyway, thank you oh, it is really helpful for me , at least got some guidelines now:P


  2. hey bro.... are you here to brat about your success?...haha.. just kidding... anyway studying smart is indeed the key to success in the uni.. btw... do you know how to use the C++ programme... i really need some help... can you contact me through my phone ASAP if you know how and id you dont also just sms ASAP to tell me you dunno... trust me... this is the first time in my life i need a lot of help in my stdies, which is the C++... thanks yea

  3. ur post made me laugh out loud eh !!

    comedian -.-

  4. an o0h-ing bl0g again~l0l.. esp. the pic.~ hahaa..

  5. i enjoyed reading this.... helps me too =)....i simply like the pictures.....LOL

  6. hello there~
    thx so much for peeping at my blog~

    anyway, thanks for sharing at those pics n articles~~ love it!! ur blog nice leh..

    anyway, do take k n wish ya get flying colors in ur exam!!!

  7. haha funny but useful!! haha but last minutes studies still popping out of my head often..arghh really wanna get rid of it!hahaha

  8. thx for ur sharing^^ not every good achievement student will share their study style like u. wish u all de best!

  9. LOL!! eh nice post wei how u do it ah? the sleeping one is priceless ahahahaaa...who do u get to take pics for u wei? damn sapot lor!

  10. nice post abt study smart.


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