Lame Pathetic Quizzes on Facebook

Lame Pathetic Quizzes on Facebook

First of all, this entry is just my personal opinion. No offense towards Facebook quiz lovers.

When Facebook started a few years back, quizzes were acceptable and logical. However, since Facebook allowed users to create their own quizzes, the latest quizzes has become more ‘interesting’.

For example.

facebook quiz how virgin are you

Let me stress the silliness of this particular quiz. Is there such a way to calculate the percentage of one’s virginity? Let’s say – if a guy didn’t dive all the way into the pool, but he splashed around in the shallow end – does it mean you have 50% virginity? Nonsense.

Here’s another lame one.

facebook quiz how does your fart small

Who in the world made this quiz? Perhaps some fart scientist trying to figure out the types of fart fragrances. A logical question – is it possible for a fart to smell differently other than like shit? Perfume maybe?

You know what I’ll do when I wanna fart? I’ll stand up proudly and make a totally awesome orchestra music! Then everyone will know how melodious my fart is! Definitely no need to take that quiz.

facebook quiz how sohai are you

P/S: Sohai means “stupid vagina” (direct translation) in Chinese, which is commonly used as a curse word. Possibly related to words like fuck, asshole, dickhead etc.

Here’s another sohai quiz. Which sohai created it? I bet the creator is a real sohai. Why would any sohai take this quiz to know how sohai he/she is?

Here’s an ideal scenario for you to know whether you’re a sohai or not.

facebook pathetic

facebook pathetic

Conclusion: You’re a sohai!

So those 3 quizzes mentioned above are some examples where the quiz creators are totally out of their mind.

Next up, some interesting responses from the quiz takers upon receiving the result of a particular quiz.

facebook quiz how annoying are you

Take a look at the quiz taker’s response. Yeah, I know that he/she may be joking but still – can some quiz determine how annoying you are? I don’t think so.

Also, a classic example of a typical quiz and the response on Facebook.

facebook quiz pregnancy test

Since when pregnancy test can be conducted on Facebook? You answer some questions and all of a sudden, the quiz tells you that you’re gonna be a mummy!

Perhaps while doing the quiz, Facebook ejaculates some of its book sperms worms into the quiz – resulting in a “pregnant” outcome. Technology huh?

Anyway, as mentioned earlier, this entry is not for the fun of lashing out rants against Facebook quizzes. No one is against creating and taking quizzes on Facebook but I believe that it has become a nuisance these days – it’s an honest fact!

Yes yes, I know some do it for fun. Too free, nothing to do, waiting to sleep bla bla bla. But seriously, you don’t have to publish every single quiz result on the Wall. Just do it, get the result and keep it to yourself. Honestly, no one wanna know whether you’re an asshole or not, which bra size are you, or when you gonna die.

But obviously these sincere reminders will be ignored. So I might as well just do my own part – hide all quizzes that appear on my Wall. =)

Oh yeah, here’s another interesting quiz.

facebook quiz are you awesome

Well, I don’t think there’s a need for me to take this quiz – it’s simply because I’m already awesome! I think! ;)

66 thoughts on “Lame Pathetic Quizzes on Facebook

  1. 1. I cut short to this entries because I've done them myself and from your remarks ; IT'S LAME! -.-
    Logical questions and answers, perhaps. But the ones you have up there and some I've taken are utterly illogical and absolutely positively absurd.

    2. Don't be sohai larh, keep using the word sohai. What if smalls kids drop by to your blog and happened to glanced the word sohai. Sohai is a bad and vulgarly cursing word as you already know yet still wanna put out the word sohai, memang sohai larh you. XDDDD
    okay larh enough, don't take it personally dude XD

    3. You're not awesome! XDD ironically speaking.

  2. they're annoying! although i myself joined some too lols (if the quizzes are stupid or perverted one)

    just for the laugh~!

  3. Well….sometimes I feel all these are…just like what you put it…simply "Sohai" and lame. But hey, this is after all a social network right? It is the network that rules. And if they socialize "sohai-ly" and they enjoy…let it be. :D

  4. Sometimes some results can be pretty amusing yo. but d only thing that gets on my the flooding on my pages! >_<

  5. LoL! I don't think I have done any of the quizzes but yeah, they are damn lame.. Anyway, the sohai part damn funny leh!

    about the you being awesome, maybe still debatable. HEHE!

  6. well i've not come across such 'interesting' – as you mentioned – quizzes before..lucky me? perhaps..but to me..i'm always not so keen in doing them – although i've done one two or a few ages back then – because they sound ludicrous although they are not as bad as your findings…what more those mentioned in your really-make-sense post..such a dismal..

    you are totally awesome as how awesome you think you are because 'Say what you feel, say what you like because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind'..if you get the meaning..

    needless to say…the only person who knows most and clear about yourself is none other than the body itself..*peace*

  7. i dun do all that lah.. not much time for that! n then there is such quiz as how well do u know ken wooi? is there such quiz? did u create one? hope not.. LOL..

  8. lol sohai quiz… that was funny.. "get direct answer!" lol made me laughed thank you!

    It is true how facebook do have weird quizzes, I never really take them quiz… mostly could be done by users. I still understand what is the craze with facebook quiz that everyday, I see like SO MANY of them when I log in.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog :D.

  9. Sometimes I think Facebook has to grow up la. Frankly, I am not a fan of those quizzes on Facebook. I just use it for putting up photo albums. I prefer blogging :)

  10. yea true..some still ok, but mostly is utter rubbish…and those ppl who post everything, even worse…hmm…grow up should be the word maybe..

  11. Lol, yeah there are some really stupid quizzes on facebook. Well you know how it is; the more popular it gets the more people join, the more people joining mean increase % of dumb people =P

  12. LOL at this post xD
    yea truthfully, those quizzes are totally WTF-ness
    and many ppl know that these quizzes are nonsense yet ppl still take it…..

    oh yea and one thing… are Awesome! xD

  13. You are definitely awesome!! : )
    And no sohai! : )

    Btw, I don't do any of these quizzes, not only bcos I think they are lame or silly, but also bcos I don't have the time to do them! One look at those questions and I'll say "Pass" Haha!

    Better spend your time doing more useful stuff like sleeping or blogging. Haha!

  14. lol…doing quiz is just to entertain ourself and fill up our extra time…LOL..who cares whether it accurates or not?

  15. Don't forget…there is a 'how cool are you quiz' HAHA! Last time, I thought sohai had the same meaning as sakai -.-

  16. For your information and to answer your "who creates these kind of stupid quiz?" question.

    Notice the "By proceeding, you are allowing [the quiz] to access your information and you are agreeing to the Facebook Terms of Use in your use of [the quiz]?" before you click 'allow' to do the quiz?

    Yes, organizations creates these kind of 'stupid' quizzes to attract people to take it, so that they can access the person's information. Don't be surprised not only they know your information, they also surfing pattern, behavior (according to the types of infos you search, and YES they even know what you google), and so on.

    These informations are very precious for marketing purposes and sometimes it's being sold to other companies. Have you ever notice the ads beside your Facebook homepage? Most of them is somewhat related to you. I think you can guess why.

  17. I've quit FB quite some time ago… losing the interest there…..

    p/s now the comment input box is working fine :P

  18. Got your point. What i know facebook was first used within the university here and then later on was a hit and expanded as a web sensation. People just rant and blunt things out so nothing here can really be taken so seriously, I guess.

  19. I know facebook, but I dun have an account and I dun wanna create one. Cause you know what, the most sohai thing to do is to play facebook.

  20. lol. quite true the length of the quizzes can go. but sometimes it's funny to actually see the results. Worst of all is the fact that the flood my homepage with it. so annoying!

  21. dude,'sohai' dun means stupid vagina…. it is a hokkien word which means idiot and it doesnt make sense of why vagina is stupid! so, my advice, dun google for answer. they are not necessary correct!

    well, as for the quiz. i bet no one take it seriously, just do it for fun and share with others la! It is a way to kill time… no matter how u say facebook… they make tonnes of money on advertising, sometime it is for advertising purposes too! and certainly facebook is a hit~! probably not in Malaysia yet. but in many country!

    haha… a cool post tho!

  22. Lol. Yep, some of the quizzes on FB are out-of-this-world-kind-of-stupid. But people still do them for fun. They're good for wasting our free time. Hahaha

  23. And there we have another reason for me to NOT create a facebook account! Yes!

    Stupid quizzes are already flooding the internet. There are other sites that allows you to create your own quizzes but I don't think any of the ones I've seen are integrated with a social network so it's not so bad since the creator would have to share the url of his/her quiz making it a little bit harder to spread it around the world.

    But hey, some people are really interested in the bra size…from others :)
    And sohai…I don't know the pronunciation but I read it just like I read "so high" and I think it would fit pretty well "so high" instead of "sohai" in that scenario you created (as long as the pronunciation is the same, of course) :)

  24. very well said!! im guilty of being one of those "sohai-s" "sohai" no more!! wont publish anything unless its damn perverted..just for the sake of me and my friends laughing.. =P

  25. Posting the results of the stupid idiotic quizzes also opens up a whole new way for people to send Sexual innuendos and other tacky comments to someone else’s mate, husband, wife or girl/boy friends. I am sick of finding these types of comments on my boy friend’s FB Wall. These other women need to get a life and a man of the their own. These quizzes DO NOT describe him in the slightest way in real life!! Just a lame way of flirting and I am sick of it. HE NEEDS to Stop, too. Facebook should not be a Date site, too. The quizzes are ridiculous and show how shallow he is being by taking them.

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